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Best Value 1000 point armies

Further to the post about making the most of Battalion boxes, here’s may take on the “best value”  you can get.

Warhammer is not a cheap hobby – what is! One way to maximise is to try and make a 1000 point army out of one Battalion box. Can’t be done?

Well try these for size (in 7th ed. old money calcualtions)

Warriors of Chaos – can make over a 1000 points from a single box.

1 x Hero General

1 x BSB

10 x Warriors of Chaos

20 x Marauders of Chaos

5 x Knights of Chaos (swords not lances).

Give all them a Mark, e,g Nurgle and you will just go over 1000 points.

Ok, there’s no magic (Not a feature of Battalion boxes), but you can make characters to lead your army and at least 2 core units (250 points)

Other armies that can get 1000 points out of a Battalion box…

Ogre Kingdoms.

(convert one Irongut to a Bruiser and make him your General. Give him the Wyrdstone necklace, Wallcrusher and fistful of Laurels. The have a unit of 3 Ironguts with full command to back up the Bruiser. Give them the Rune Maw. The have 2 x 3 Ogres Bulls with Bellower. Add in 2 x 2 Leadbelchers with Bellower, 24 x Gnoblars. A few buffs to the Bulls and the Bruiser / Iron Guts and you have 1000 points from one box. Apparently if you can squeeze this into 8th edition army build they are better than 7th ed!)

Lizardmen ( convert a Saurus into a Hero General and another into BSB. Give the General the “Venom” magic item. Then a block of 18 Saurus with hand weapon and shield and full command, 10 Skink skirmishers, 10 Temple Guard with full command and 8 Cold One Riders with full command… 1K!).

There may be more, but some armies can’t achieve this. For example, Vampire Counts need a Vampire to lead the army.

I will see what else I can come up with for 1000 points “on the cheap”.

Dwarfs and Goblins would be good from the price persepctive, with models from the previous starter box being cheap-ish on ebay.  I am not a fan of dwarfs in 7th. They just can’t go the distance from the games I have played at 1000 points. They were trounced by my Ogres a couple of times and failed to do much against a Goblin army in a 2K game.


WFB rules editions

I still use 7th edition for creating armies, but use Armybuilder so can also try out 8th edition lists. I don’t game in 8th as I am not a fan of the way it seems biased against those with 7th edition cavalry and or chariot armies.  The army books are mainly not updated to 8th edition at the time of writing which creates a bias in itself. It was bad enough in 7th that Wood Elves and Bretonnia were “behind the pack”, now ecen Orcs and Goblins have had an update earlier. The update rate for GW army books /codexes seems to be based on figure sales not the need to balance armies. I no longer have Bret’s or Welves as they can’t compete with armies like Vampire Counts or Daemons of Chaos in 7th. Going to 8th sets even Daemons aside in favour of the Skaven (horde army) as far as I can see. Armies should be balanced within a rule set as best as possible. I don’t see this in GW WFB armies. Consequently, I choose to stick where I am happy (with one not so frequent opponent where we both use 7th edition) ! That’s an “Old Giant” for you. You can bring him down with guns and arrows if you want…

No time…

Apologies for not getting any posts up about progress. Lots to do at the moment “non-game”. I need to purge some bits and pieces as well which needs some thinking about. I want to end up with two or three WFB 2000+ point armies and same again in the 1000 point range. I like 1000 point forces. The Batallion boxes can do this to some extent. You can get 700 to 800 from some boxes with a little planning and creativity.

Ie. Wood Elves (not currently mine but…)

Convert (easily) two of the Glade Riders to Hero and BSB.

Elf Hero (General) with light armour and 50 points of Magic Items (Brooch, Ench. Shld, Sword +1S)

BSB with light armour and Warbanner.

6 x Glade Riders with full command (they will be the backup for the Hero and BSB) making a slightly punchy unit (well the Heroes have the punch, the rest are for soaking up the wounds).

Two units of Glade Guard with musician.

One unit of 12 dryads.

I got that to 892 points.

Add a couple of eagles for killing warmachines and wizards and you have a hit and run 1000 point force.

A UK online store like Gifts for Geeks can get 20% off the GW RRP

Warhammer World visit

The last visit I made to WW in Nottingham UK involved a 2000pt Cities of Death struggle under 5th edition 40k rules.

2K of Guard versus 1K of Ork and 1K of Eldar. If you haven’t been to WW and can get there I definately recommend it. There is a gallery of models to make you feel inferior, a great bar and of course about 50 gaming tables (and a GW shop of course!)

Some table shots of the 40K game…

The mission was to hold the large central building. In case of a draw, the most kills.  Suffice it to say the Guard with their Ogryn managed to win. The Orks took a drubbing. The Eldar didn’t do too bad – except the Pathfinders, a bit of a waste. Not bad though for a 1st Eldar outing for me.

Just to say…

Have done some Games Workshop (GW) Warhammer Fantasy Battle (WFB) painting recently with a 1000 point 7th edition army list in mind (I don’t “do” 8th ed. for a variety of reasons I don’t want to go into).

Will get the pics up as soon as I have a little more time.

Basically, a battalion box plus 10 more handgunners, a wizard, master engineer and a helblaster volleygun.