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Warhammer World visit

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The last visit I made to WW in Nottingham UK involved a 2000pt Cities of Death struggle under 5th edition 40k rules.

2K of Guard versus 1K of Ork and 1K of Eldar. If you haven’t been to WW and can get there I definately recommend it. There is a gallery of models to make you feel inferior, a great bar and of course about 50 gaming tables (and a GW shop of course!)

Some table shots of the 40K game…

The mission was to hold the large central building. In case of a draw, the most kills.  Suffice it to say the Guard with their Ogryn managed to win. The Orks took a drubbing. The Eldar didn’t do too bad – except the Pathfinders, a bit of a waste. Not bad though for a 1st Eldar outing for me.


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