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Apologies for not getting any posts up about progress. Lots to do at the moment “non-game”. I need to purge some bits and pieces as well which needs some thinking about. I want to end up with two or three WFB 2000+ point armies and same again in the 1000 point range. I like 1000 point forces. The Batallion boxes can do this to some extent. You can get 700 to 800 from some boxes with a little planning and creativity.

Ie. Wood Elves (not currently mine but…)

Convert (easily) two of the Glade Riders to Hero and BSB.

Elf Hero (General) with light armour and 50 points of Magic Items (Brooch, Ench. Shld, Sword +1S)

BSB with light armour and Warbanner.

6 x Glade Riders with full command (they will be the backup for the Hero and BSB) making a slightly punchy unit (well the Heroes have the punch, the rest are for soaking up the wounds).

Two units of Glade Guard with musician.

One unit of 12 dryads.

I got that to 892 points.

Add a couple of eagles for killing warmachines and wizards and you have a hit and run 1000 point force.

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