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The Old Giant

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I still use 7th edition for creating armies, but use Armybuilder so can also try out 8th edition lists. I don’t game in 8th as I am not a fan of the way it seems biased against those with 7th edition cavalry and or chariot armies.  The army books are mainly not updated to 8th edition at the time of writing which creates a bias in itself. It was bad enough in 7th that Wood Elves and Bretonnia were “behind the pack”, now ecen Orcs and Goblins have had an update earlier. The update rate for GW army books /codexes seems to be based on figure sales not the need to balance armies. I no longer have Bret’s or Welves as they can’t compete with armies like Vampire Counts or Daemons of Chaos in 7th. Going to 8th sets even Daemons aside in favour of the Skaven (horde army) as far as I can see. Armies should be balanced within a rule set as best as possible. I don’t see this in GW WFB armies. Consequently, I choose to stick where I am happy (with one not so frequent opponent where we both use 7th edition) ! That’s an “Old Giant” for you. You can bring him down with guns and arrows if you want…


  1. Duke Roland says:

    Just wondering if you still play 7th rules? I really enjoy the rule set, my gaming friends and I have not felt the need to switch.

    • Hi. Yes, still play 7th occassionally. Saga and Flames of War have taken over, but I don’t see the need to switch if you only play with friends.

      • Duke Roland says:

        I have been interested in flames of war after hearing D6 generation review it, but my woman told me she would kill me if I bought more toys… I’m not sure she was kidding. Been looking through more of you work and it looks great. The 8 day high elf army is quite impressive. Keep it up!

      • Hey, thanks for taking a look and thanks for the feedback on the High Elves. I just wish they were better “in game” 🙂

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