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Best Value 1000 point armies

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Further to the post about making the most of Battalion boxes, here’s may take on the “best value”  you can get.

Warhammer is not a cheap hobby – what is! One way to maximise is to try and make a 1000 point army out of one Battalion box. Can’t be done?

Well try these for size (in 7th ed. old money calcualtions)

Warriors of Chaos – can make over a 1000 points from a single box.

1 x Hero General

1 x BSB

10 x Warriors of Chaos

20 x Marauders of Chaos

5 x Knights of Chaos (swords not lances).

Give all them a Mark, e,g Nurgle and you will just go over 1000 points.

Ok, there’s no magic (Not a feature of Battalion boxes), but you can make characters to lead your army and at least 2 core units (250 points)

Other armies that can get 1000 points out of a Battalion box…

Ogre Kingdoms.

(convert one Irongut to a Bruiser and make him your General. Give him the Wyrdstone necklace, Wallcrusher and fistful of Laurels. The have a unit of 3 Ironguts with full command to back up the Bruiser. Give them the Rune Maw. The have 2 x 3 Ogres Bulls with Bellower. Add in 2 x 2 Leadbelchers with Bellower, 24 x Gnoblars. A few buffs to the Bulls and the Bruiser / Iron Guts and you have 1000 points from one box. Apparently if you can squeeze this into 8th edition army build they are better than 7th ed!)

Lizardmen ( convert a Saurus into a Hero General and another into BSB. Give the General the “Venom” magic item. Then a block of 18 Saurus with hand weapon and shield and full command, 10 Skink skirmishers, 10 Temple Guard with full command and 8 Cold One Riders with full command… 1K!).

There may be more, but some armies can’t achieve this. For example, Vampire Counts need a Vampire to lead the army.

I will see what else I can come up with for 1000 points “on the cheap”.

Dwarfs and Goblins would be good from the price persepctive, with models from the previous starter box being cheap-ish on ebay.  I am not a fan of dwarfs in 7th. They just can’t go the distance from the games I have played at 1000 points. They were trounced by my Ogres a couple of times and failed to do much against a Goblin army in a 2K game.


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