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Crossing over…

Interesting how models from one system can cross over so well into another… Empire Handgunners anyone…?


Warhammer Fantasy Poll

So, which army would you choose to run in the 7th ed. (not 8th). Will do another poll on that later….

WFB Empire 1000 points – painting in progress

Here are some pics of my part-painted Warhammer Fantasy Empire army. I only intend to play these at 1000 points. PS: I use Vallejo paints.

Basically, 1 mounted Captain as theĀ  General, one mounted Captain BSB, 6 Knights of the Inner Circle with greatswords, 5 pistoliers, 20 Handgunners (2×10), 10 halberdiers, 1 cannon, 1 mortar, 1 helblaster volleygun and either a wizard or master engineer. That’s it. – 1K of army chosen already. It makes for a nice short game. You don’t need to have 2000 to 3000 points to have a good game.

After seeing an army on the net, I decdied to go with a simple Nuln (black uniform) theme, with red plumes for contrast.

The process of building and painting is…

Find minis from ebay (usually) and build or re-build from there.

Clean new minis with soapy water prior to undercoating then dry off.

Spray undercoat white using a couple of thin coats applied from four sides with at least 5 minutes between coats.

(the whole lot after spray undecoating white…)

Then use a slightly thinned coat of colour to get ot the next stage (base painting). In the case of armour, a metal colour of your choosing.

Once the whole figure has a mid colour (body, armour, wood, weapons, uniforms) then the figure is washed with a watered down black ink. This adds depth to the model and ties the parts of the figure together…. but that is the next stage….

Flames of War – bare metal and resin

I have about 1200 points of US 3rd Division and support and another 1200 of German forces (Schwere Aufklarungsschwadron). They are in various stages. Here is the bare version as they come. Metal or resin or a combination of both that needs gluing. I use superglue and for the basing a ‘hard-as-nails’ type glue from a cartridge.

They are for the “Dogs and Devils” Italian mid-war campaign.

After they are all based and washed, an undercoat will be needed….

Walling in….

I picked up some 25/88 mm scale fantasy walls a few weeks ago. Resin, reasonably priced. All that needs doing to them is washing in soapy water, drying off and base coating with spray paint.

I like the styling and realism. Will be great with greying and flock/static grass….