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WFB Empire 1000 points – painting in progress

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Here are some pics of my part-painted Warhammer Fantasy Empire army. I only intend to play these at 1000 points. PS: I use Vallejo paints.

Basically, 1 mounted Captain as the  General, one mounted Captain BSB, 6 Knights of the Inner Circle with greatswords, 5 pistoliers, 20 Handgunners (2×10), 10 halberdiers, 1 cannon, 1 mortar, 1 helblaster volleygun and either a wizard or master engineer. That’s it. – 1K of army chosen already. It makes for a nice short game. You don’t need to have 2000 to 3000 points to have a good game.

After seeing an army on the net, I decdied to go with a simple Nuln (black uniform) theme, with red plumes for contrast.

The process of building and painting is…

Find minis from ebay (usually) and build or re-build from there.

Clean new minis with soapy water prior to undercoating then dry off.

Spray undercoat white using a couple of thin coats applied from four sides with at least 5 minutes between coats.

(the whole lot after spray undecoating white…)

Then use a slightly thinned coat of colour to get ot the next stage (base painting). In the case of armour, a metal colour of your choosing.

Once the whole figure has a mid colour (body, armour, wood, weapons, uniforms) then the figure is washed with a watered down black ink. This adds depth to the model and ties the parts of the figure together…. but that is the next stage….


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