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Thoughts: GW prices

During my recent trip to Warhamemr World at GW HQ in Nottingham we got a few minutes to look in the shop. As usual, we were greeted (if you can call in-your-face a greeting) by of of the shop staffers. I managed to slope out of this leaving my buddy to get the “Q and sell” rather than Q and A! I was shocked at the prices. I used to buy from an online retailer if I really had to have something, mostly I buy second hand from ebay. Has anyone else noticed just how much all of their stuff has gone up and some a whole lot? I certainly can’t afford it and I wonder who does buy from GW shops? I guess anyone not in Europe these days!?


Beastmen experiment – the start

Last weekend saw me dive in to a little experiment with beastmen. After having bought a few dozen over the last few months in little batches from ebay and got round to undercoating them I thought I would try my hand at just basecoating them and then dipping them. I used a simple white spray undercoat then used vallejo game color paints:

skin:  cadmium skin 72099

fur: beasty brown 72043,

hair: tan 72066,

horns: bonewhite 72034,

shield: leather brown 720644

armour/weapons: chainmail 72053

wooden hafts: filthy brown 72037

cloth: terracotta 72065 (didn’t come out to well in the finished items)

blood/medals: gory red 72011

skulls/teeth: offwhite 72101

banding on the shield: hammered copper 72059

Once dry I dipped the minis in Army Painter quickshade strong tone using a quick dip with pliers on the base and a good shake off. I left them to dry with no further brushing. After 24 hours they were done. I am quite happy with this approach. Having tried it before on 40K models I was sceptical, but this shade (brownish dip) seems to work well with plenty of flesh areas on the model. I guess for models with lots of armour you would need a dip with a blacker tone to it. Next time I will try more detail on the face as this seemed lacking. Hope this helps those contemplating dipping!

Here are the pictures of the process: (the dipped image was done while still drying)

Batrep update from the other weekend

I haven’t put up the batrep for the game the other weekend – simple reason is my opponent is writing it up. I will post a link to it when it is done.

WFB Daemons of Chaos – pictures

Below is the army I took to Warhammer World to face the Warriors of Chaos. Led by a Keeper of Secrets (this model was not painted by me – the rest were – I am not that good-  I just tend to build, paint and base ordinary models!) and backed up by a Herald of Slaanesh BSB and a Herald of Tzeentch (using a model that is really a Lord figure, but hoping it would scare the enemy)! Plus there were two units of 15 Bloodletters,  one unit of 19 Daemonettes of Slaanesh, one unit of 10 Horrors of Tzeentch, on unit of 5 Fleshounds of Khorne, one unit of 5 Seekers of Slaanesh, one unit of 3 Screamers of Tzeentch, one unit of 3 Flamers of Tzeentch, one unit of 8 Furies and one unit of 2 Bloodcrushers of Khorne.

Scratchbuilt Hellcannon – WoC

Here is a piccie of my friends Hellcannon. Completely scratchbuilt for about £1.50 he claims. It makes a nice addition to his 2500 point Warriors of Chaos Army.

Basically some plastic tubing, milliput and chain from a piece of junk jewellery, a bottletop, a couple of chaos shields and some time and effort. Kudos. The crew are not scratchbuilt (if they are I am truly in awe!!)

Warhammer World Nottingham – Saturday 13th aug 2011

Well, the day came for our WFB 7th ed. 2500 point matchup at Warhammer World in Nottingham. My fellow enthusiast and I met at 10am outside the doors to WW on a reasonably sunny August day. Inside it was still quiet as it was early. We managed to switch our reserved table to one of the unbooked tables that better suited the bases of our models.

We put down minimal scenery, deployed and got on with the game. The hall got busier and noisier. See the piccie for an idea of what was going on midday…

We had lunch about 2:30 in Bugmans, a chat and chips, burgers and drinks. Very nice bar. The game finished after 5 turns at 5:30 so we went up to the museum / gallery above and took some piccies as we gawked at the cabinets of pro-painted stuff. Looks like it has been swapped around since i last took a look. Very, very worthwhile.

So the day ended for us just about 6 and we headed home. Long drives ahead. And it was still sunny!


Batrep to follow with pics….

Completed – Daemons of Chaos army

My 2500 points of Daemons of Chaos are now painted up for a forthcoming battle. A Batrep (7th ed) will follow versus Warriors of Chaos – as well as photos. The army was inspired by a Keeper of Secrets model I found on ebay. The rest including the basing is all mine. Other armies TBD now are Ogre Kingdoms and Beastmen, some 1000 points + of each.