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Warhammer World Nottingham – Saturday 13th aug 2011

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Well, the day came for our WFB 7th ed. 2500 point matchup at Warhammer World in Nottingham. My fellow enthusiast and I met at 10am outside the doors to WW on a reasonably sunny August day. Inside it was still quiet as it was early. We managed to switch our reserved table to one of the unbooked tables that better suited the bases of our models.

We put down minimal scenery, deployed and got on with the game. The hall got busier and noisier. See the piccie for an idea of what was going on midday…

We had lunch about 2:30 in Bugmans, a chat and chips, burgers and drinks. Very nice bar. The game finished after 5 turns at 5:30 so we went up to the museum / gallery above and took some piccies as we gawked at the cabinets of pro-painted stuff. Looks like it has been swapped around since i last took a look. Very, very worthwhile.

So the day ended for us just about 6 and we headed home. Long drives ahead. And it was still sunny!


Batrep to follow with pics….


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