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Beastmen experiment – the start

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Last weekend saw me dive in to a little experiment with beastmen. After having bought a few dozen over the last few months in little batches from ebay and got round to undercoating them I thought I would try my hand at just basecoating them and then dipping them. I used a simple white spray undercoat then used vallejo game color paints:

skin:  cadmium skin 72099

fur: beasty brown 72043,

hair: tan 72066,

horns: bonewhite 72034,

shield: leather brown 720644

armour/weapons: chainmail 72053

wooden hafts: filthy brown 72037

cloth: terracotta 72065 (didn’t come out to well in the finished items)

blood/medals: gory red 72011

skulls/teeth: offwhite 72101

banding on the shield: hammered copper 72059

Once dry I dipped the minis in Army Painter quickshade strong tone using a quick dip with pliers on the base and a good shake off. I left them to dry with no further brushing. After 24 hours they were done. I am quite happy with this approach. Having tried it before on 40K models I was sceptical, but this shade (brownish dip) seems to work well with plenty of flesh areas on the model. I guess for models with lots of armour you would need a dip with a blacker tone to it. Next time I will try more detail on the face as this seemed lacking. Hope this helps those contemplating dipping!

Here are the pictures of the process: (the dipped image was done while still drying)



  1. argentbadger says:

    The dipping used here really makes a big difference to the appearance of the miniatures. That said, I’d like to see how your Gors would look with all the detail work (leathers etc) painted in rather than being left skin coloured. They must look great in a big block at tabletop distance.

    Good luck with the Beastmen, I find them highly satisfying to paint (and play, though I use the 8th edition rules which might make a difference). They have dynamic posing and plenty of details to get stuck into.

    • Hi Argentbadger. Many thanks for your comments. I will definately try to paint in more detail on the models next time before dipping, I just didn’t notice some areas until after the dip dried on. I guess that is the big drawback with dipping – you can’t just go back over it again. I think I will try and matt them down a bit with a spray on citadel varnish as they are a bit too glossy at the moment.

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