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It’s been a While…

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Sorry for not posting sooner. I have had a LOT of paperwork and other things to deal with. I hope to get some of my projects progressed over the next few months.
Here is a bonus for me… last weekend I took part in another tri-annual (three times annually) session of Amber (a diceless RPG campaign which has been running for 12+ years) with a group of friends. As usual it was a good day, with inevitable humour as our characters bumbled around in search of the villains! One of the group brought with him a metal D and D figure he wants to use in another RPG campaign. It is a dragonborn warrior. Not being familiar with these mini’s or the 4th edition of Dungeons and Dragons, I see it as a challenge. I hope to get it painted up very soon, probably with a test piece done first from my dwindling collection of miniatures.
Here are some pictures of the unpainted piece… if you know what company makes thisI would be more than happy for you to drop a reply and let me know. Thanks.


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