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New Year more painting!

I can only apologise for not posting for a long time. I have had to whittle down the collection of games, figures and scenery to make spece and increase the bank balance! Now though I can reprot that over Christmas I managed to finish basing up and building up my two Flames of War armies. All in time to find out that there will be a version 3 of that games rules due in February. So, these armies will have to wait and see what fate has in store. Hopefully they will be enhanced and not nerfed by any changes to the FoW 2.5 err v3 rules. I can only say sorry to anyone who went further than me last year and paid a lot of good money for the FoW v2 hardback book. Being promised a free mini rulebook for v3 is all well and good and much better than anything another large games company would do, but it still pains to know that your large beautiful NEW (to you) book is now out of date. I just have a falling apart v2 mini rulebook to replace if I want to get into the new rules and/or tournament play. Still, as long as the rules deliver on promise, the new update should prove a great tool for all FoW players. Looking forward to getting v3 as a present later in the year!

As for now, I can’t get on painting my FoW figures as I have an upcoming Warhammer Fantasy Battle at Warhammer World in late February. Yes, I have to enter the devils mouth to play my Goblin army against a Beastmen horde. This is at the 2500 point level. Again, this will be a WFB version 7 game with older army books. As you may know from the blog, I do not like WFB8th edition and have no intention of spending one more pound on new figures or paints from GW. This year will see me move into newer territories. I have only two GW armies left (High elves and Dark Elves) both of which are ebay purchases or charity shop jobs that need some loving kindness. I have no 40K left at all barring a few round bases!

Here’s to a little WFB and the start of a FoW year…

That said here is a piccie of the near 260 figures that I have to paint by 18th Feb! I will be posting progress and results.

TBD - the goblin horde