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Flames of War V3 – looking forward

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I am definately looking forward to the new V3 rules now. The changes talked about from those lucky enough to have already received their free copies of the mini rulebook seem to have enhanced the game a lot. I made a FoW order from Maelstrom games here in the UK a couple of days ago and look forwward to receiving my free mini rulebook from them. I will try and get it bound as soon as I can (to stop it from cracking and falling apart if opened too far as I hear from others). Well, to concentrate one one aspect of the FoW game I know nothing about I am going to add in a US sniper team when I get the opportunity. Here is a piccie of a base I have put together from parts left over in the US Rifle Company box set (an excellent value set I may add as you get a HQ with two bazook stands, two rifle platoons and a Weapons platoon with 4 LMGs and 3 light Mortars).
Can’t wait to get the bases painted up now! Guess that is my next project – to get 600 points of US and German forces from Dogs and Devils up and painted….
The picture was taken with my old phone cam which seems to be able to handle manually adjusting the close-in focus unlike the newer one (both Nokia’s).


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