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GW WFB Goblin Army 2500 points – Completed

The Old Giant

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Well, I managed to get it done. I could still touch up some of the models but there you go. I want to move on to something new. After all the hard work, the game I was hoping to play at Warhammer World was postponed. Here are the piccies….. I never want to paint this many models again. The whole project must have come in at 100 hours from build to what you see. The paints used were Vallejo Game Color. The surface of the models has not been varnished…. just in case I get the energy to add more detail…. 🙂

1 x Night Goblin (NG) Warboss plus wargear/magic (55 points)
1 x NG BSB plus magic banner (50 points)
1 x NG Boss
2 x NG Shaman plus magic items (100 points total)
4 units worth of NG Spear/shields (each block is 5 x 8 models) so about 135 spear guys
2 x 20 NG archers with short bows
3 x 10 Goblin Spider Riders
1 x 10 Goblin Wolf Riders
6 x Snotling bases
3 x Trolls
1 x Giant
9 x NG Fanatics with Ball and Chain
2 x Goblin spear chukkas

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