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Flames of War – Dead Flesh is the new Dunkelgelb!

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I started painting some of my German HG forces from the Dogs and Devils Battle Book a few days back.

The aim is to emulate the look of the vehicle images in the D&D book by using the techniques in WWPD Dirty Jon’s Article (thanks for the inspiration!)

Here’s the start… (not the actual tank but….)

Started with a white undercoat, followed by a base coat on the vehicles of… wait for it…. Vallejo GC 72035 Dead Flesh. I just didn’t want to spend the extra £7.20 to buy a can of late war spray on dunkelgelb. By using a piece of white A4 a brush and several suitable looking paints for the Vallejo Game Color (GC) range, I came up with Dead Flesh as a likely looking colour. It’s not as dark and yellow as dunkelgelb, but my guess was that the process of shading with brown ink would help darken it off to a similar effect.

After this, the brown stippling was done with Vallejo GC 72043 Beasty Brown and then Vallejo GC 72105 Mutation Green. Keeping the coats light and going back over them is the key. Do not go too heavy, but if you do – it’s not the end of the world. Keep the turret separate from the body and work on them independently.

Once dry I used the Dead Flesh again as a very faint drybrush to go over the camouflage stripes to lighten them off gave a decent finish.

The Tracks were painted with Vallejo GC 72054 Gunmetal metal.

At this point I used Vallejo GC brown wash to add some depth, but was not overly happy. As I was about to repeat the process with a stronger ink wash It then dawned on me that all I was going to do is to use brown ink then a gloss varnish. I searched for my spares shelf and found a once used tin of ArmyPainter Strong Tone ‘dip’ (basically brown ink and varnish in a stinky smelling can for 17 squidlies).

Using an old brush I applied the all-in one dip coat over the vehicle (turret separate!) being careful not to let it pool up too heavily. Leaving it to dry for 24 hours I came back to find a decent result (IMHO). I am not out to win prizes, but it is certainly game-able.

I don’t have the decals for these models so I am not going to use a matt finish on the model yet.

As a start I think its okay, I need to experiment a bit more with depth of camouflage. But for wargaming, seems fine to me – and it didn’t take long. Now to finish off all the rest…

All I have to do now is repeat the process of finding a substitute for late war US army spray from my collection of Vallejo Game Color so I can work on the 3rd id vehicles!

There’s no reason to level those 15mm scale vehicles unpainted – its MUCH easier than painting 28mm vehicles 🙂


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