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Flames of War mini rulebook – bound!

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Just got my rulebook bound and wanted to give a shoutout to Matt Thompson at Staples Ashton-Under-Lyme, Cheshire. Fast, friendly and expert service saw the book in the image below turned out in good time. Refreshing to get such good service. Thank you Sir!
Note: A useful tip from Matt, not all Staples stores have laser cutters (in the picture you can see where the binder was cut off) which could make life harder for getting the glued binding off. I was lucky being near Manchester. Eg. the Blackpool store does not. I suggest that you ring ahead to your local store to make sure they have a laser cutter to get your binding off cleanly.
Excellent job. Nice metal binder, pages open cleanly. I asked for the covers to be laminated. £5.98 all in and barely 15 minutes from entering to leaving the store.


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