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Dogs and Devils HG Schwere Aufklarungsschwadron – first 1100 + points

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Well, I got this little lot finished this weekend minus the decals. I still need to pick a set up.
Having used Armypainter strongtone on the figures for shading and varnishing I then used a can of GW matt varnish (purity seal!) to bring the gloss finish down to a matt. I guess I must have picked the right day to do this and the right spray as I am really pleased with the end result.
I decided to go with GW glade grass for the static grass bases plus a bit of leftover Woodland scenics talus for the larger AT bases. I just use PVA glue and an old brush to work round the bases.

Now I need to work on the first 600 points of US 3rd infantry division so I can get a quick game in. So much to do…. and I am already started on the scenery..!
Thanks for those who are following this as the armies grow!

Paints used for the infantry:
Vallejo Game color:
Skin: 72100 Rosy Flesh
Uniform basecolour and helmet: 72050 Cold Grey
Camo smock: 72 061 Khaki
Camo brown / boots / rifles : 72043 Beasty brown
Camo green: 72105 Mutation Green
Gunmetal: 72054 Gunmetal Metal

Heavy Recon Mechanised List
Confident Veteran (HG can reroll company and platoon morale checks)

2 x Command Panzerknacker teams
Kfz 15 field car
Motorcycle and sidecar (BMW model used)
Optional extra: AT section:
3 x Panzerschreck teams plus Kfz 70 truck
Optional Extra: sniper bases
1 x Sniper team

HG Aufklarungs Pioneer Platoon
1 x Command Pioneer MG team
6 x Pioneer MG team
4 x Kfz 70 truck

HG Aufklarungs Artillery Battery
1 x Command SMG team
1 x Kfz 15 field car
1 x Oberver team with SdKfz 250 half track transport
1 x Gun section
2 x Wespe artillery half track

HG Anti-Tank gun platoon:
1 x Command SMG team
3 x PAK 40 AT gun
(no transports)

Divisional Support:
HG Panzer Platoon:
2 x Panzer III M
1 x Panzer III N
1 x Panzer IV H

Also seen are an extra observer team, a Kubelwagen without MG and another motorcycle and sidecar.

With the cost of a the HQ options including a sniper team added in I make the valid options here to be worth some 1135 points in the current Dogs and Devils supplement.



  1. djoker40 says:

    These look really good. Nice work!


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