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Flames of War – Scenery Building – part 1

The Old Giant

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Its been quieter over the last few days in the run up to Easter. Add to that a round of flu and conjunctivitis and I haven’t done anything for a few days. I just wanted to add in some pictures of scenery I have been working on in between painting the figures recently.
I had some strips of hardboard (see gallery below) that came out of flat packed furniture and had been saving since last year for a suitable project.

1) Use some filler or glue to create a slightly bumpy/rutted surface along the board. Leave to dry. Note: I used a “hard as nails” glue gun cartridge. They are great for basing models as well.
2) Paint the hardboard a mid-grey (I had a sampler pot from my local DIY store
3) Paint a wash of 50/50 dark brown paint (I used Vallejo Game Color Charred Brown in this case) onto the grey surface. Leave to dry.
4) Use a stronger dark brown wash along the edges of the board. Leave to dry.
5) Optional: use a “realistic water pour-on effect for puddles in the tracks of the road). I used some Woodland Scenics solution for this on one or two of the Track sections (only a little as an experiment). It seems to take a couple of hours to dry.
6) Use PVA glue along the edges of the road and then sprinkle on some static grass. Leave to dry.
7) Ready to roll!

Tracks: As above but I had a pot of a truffle brown colour to use to give a different surface colour. It certainly looks different to the more tarmac-like surface of the roadway.

One of the tracks was cut in half but at an angle so a kink in the road could be created, but leaving the option of putting them back together as a straight section.
I really need to work on some curved sections but will need my electric jigsaw for that. Another time.

Wheat Field:The cheapest piece of coir matting I could find was 3.99 from Argos. I cut it into four equal rectangles with a stanley blade about the same size I see used on sites such as WWPD in their battle reports. Seems to work well. Put them next to roads and take a look. I haven’t treated the edges yet to stop fraying. I need to revisit this. The edge is a greyish colour anyway (being a rubbery plastic material)….

I have some “D” shaped wood strips (2 of) to make about 16 feet of hedgerow (see gallery below). This stuff is an inch and a third wide and about 1/5 inch deep in the centre. It should be strong enough to form a base for bocage type hedgerow without bowing. I am not aiming for really high bocage (like the Terrain Guy), more the scale seen in WWPD battle reports (I guess this is WWPDLuke’s…) – they all look really great to me. I am looking forward to cutting the wood up and getting into more scenery building.

After that I need some woods and hills…. now some piccies….


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