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Flames of War – Scenery – Bocage

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Here’s my attempt at Bocage. I wanted something quick to make that gave the flavour of Bocage without spending hours on a couple of sections or a fortune on various foliage. So I used my “D” shaped wood sections cut up into 6 x 8inch lengths. About 2 hours to make these in total. the wood is about 1 and a third inches wide by about a fifth of an inch deep in the middle, with bowed edges. Strong and light. But not cheap as it is for decorative purposes.

First use some sandpaper to smooth the cut edges and then add glue to the top:

Next add some washed stones/gravel using pva glue:

Next up, I glued on some coarse sand (this stuff happens to be the blue ornamental type that I have a lot of in a 2 litre tub):

I then painted them a brownish colour with a small tester pot of brown emulsion paint ( I wouldn’t bother doing this again – just go for grey):

Then painted with a grey emulsion from a sample tester pot:

Once dry, I used “dead white” vallejo game color paint to drybrush the surface of the stones. It got a bit to white in places so I used a drybrush of grey to tone it back down. The rocks are a lot more obvious now. Shame most will disappear, but that seems to be the thing about bocage, it is mainly vegetation shooting out of the rock and earth:

Then I used pva glue and a sprinkle of GW ‘Scorched Grass’ static grass:

Finally I used my glue gun to fasten on various colours of lichen to the bases. These came from Woodland Scenics bags I have had for a while now (Light Green L162 and Autumn mix L165) from an OO gauge railway project.

Here are some shots with my German tanks and a section of road (track) completed recently and seen in another post:

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  1. thomas says:

    looks good. a piece of constructive criticism is to never use purple gravel or sand. if you can get your hands on black sand, from an aquarium shop, is the best as it wont disrupt the look if a little black shows through.

    have you tried clump foliage? woodland scenics sells it, and maelstrom games too, and it is great for bushes and such.

    • Hi thomas. Thanks for your feedback. I am limited on sand that I can use, but will probably try a better undercoat next time. I do have some bags of woodland scenics clump foliage/small bushes and will now give it a try on the next sections of bocage.

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