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AAR – Battle Report HG Heavy Recon Vs US 3rd ID for WWPD Sealion Meta Campaign

A great little game ensued after a small number of US veteran Infantry dug in to face the onslaught of a fast moving Herman Goring Motorised Infantry assault.

The Battle took place across a tributary of the River Seven to the South West of Worcester. The crafty veteran Hauptmann Hans Obst had used the small but fast recon company to force his way to a small road bridge that should help secure a communication line Northward. His initial approach was made at night in large gliders to the South. Dangerous but useful. This meant he had almost total surprise.

Unfortunately, nearby were billotted a Training Cadre of the US 3rd Infantry Dvision newly shipped from Italy. This small force was led by the wily Captain Lance Dickinson of Fox Company. Once he got wind of what was going on he assembled what men he could and went to dig in to the north of the river bridge just in time to meet the German heavy recon force. His assessment was that the enemy would be fast and hard, using the bridge and nearby fords to push across very fast. If his men could just stall the attack for half an hour it would be enough for the rest of his veteran reserve to arrive. But he did have a small ambush already planned…

Mission: the mission drawn as Hold the Line.

Forces: Axis 1160 points, 6 platoons. US: 1140 points, 6 platoons.

Axis: Dogs and Devils HG Schwere Aufklarungsschwadron – Confident Veteran.

HQ – 1iC – Hauptmann Obst (positoned to the rear of the attack area)

2ic – Leutnant Wolfgang Preiss  plus three Panzerschrecks – on the rear of the road to provide support to the MG platoon – in trucks and motorcycle

Combat1: MG platoon command MG plus 6 MG teams in trucks

Combat2: 2 x Wespe mobile artillery plus command team and observer in half track.

Combat 3: 3 x PAK40 plus command team – postioned on hills to right of defenders line.

Support 1: Panzers – 1 x 4H, 2 x 3M(one with Pioneer supply / barbed wire), 1 x 3N

Support 2:  2 x AA trucks (2cm flak 38s)

US: Dogs and Devils Us 3rd Infantry Division – Confident Veteran.

HQ: 1ic – Captain Lance Dickinson – Carbine.

2ic: 1st Lieutenant Carl Brown – Carbine + 1 bazooka team – in Reserve

Combat 1: Assault Rifle platoon plus extra HQ bazooka – in Ambush

Combat 2: Rifle Platoon – in Reserve

Combat 3:  Weapons platoon – dug in to the left of the road with mortarts and 2 LMG teams to keep an eye on the left side objective near the ford.

Combat 4: Anti Tank 57mm guns and command team – plus a couple of LMGs from the Weapons platoon (edit: this should only have been one team but made no difference to the game) – these were strung out across the map to give some AT cover to all the corssings of the river.

Support 1: 4 x Sherman M4s – in Reserve.

Changes: becasue the table was only 4×4 and the scenario is menat to use the short endges to set up, I kept the distance between the two forces the same by insisting that the objectives were in an 8 inch band only – so no more than 16 inches from the US end of the table. Likewise, the US setup was limited to 16 inches in from their table end. The Axis were only allowed to deploy up to 8 inches in from their table end. This kept the no-mans land and objectives the same distances as on a 6×4 table.

Setting up: the two (small flat unpainted MDF bases) objectives were laid by each player. One near a ford, one near the road. The US hill side was largely open.

US defended and set up two platoons in the wheat fields and hill to the rear of their deployment zone.

The Flak guns (sorry – these were only part painted at this time) – came on from the hill ready to go down the right flank.

The Axis decided to cover the fords and bridge with the PAK40s in case the any enemy tanks tried to push too close.

The Panzers came in on the left flank near to the left hand rver ford. The Wespes were on the far left in the wheat field.

The MG platoon was positioned on the road with the 2iC platoon behind it – all saddled up to make the most of a first turn dash across the bridge.

Turn 1:

The Axis MG and 2IC platoons move up the road and their passengers dismount just over the bridge. Only one LMG team lays in the road ahead….easy…. the trucks and bike are sent to the rear.

The Panzers move up to the ford on the left of their table side.

The Flak guns move down of the hill into the cover of the tall hedge near the ford on the right hand side of the map. their role was to be support….

The Wespe’s smoke the lone AT gun on the hill to stop it firng on the Panzers.

The US decide to Ambush straight away and the Assault Rifles come on in support of the Middle objective near the road. they are dug in and gone to ground. The job of the Axis Infantry would now be MUCH harder.

The US Mortars open fire on the Axis infantry on the road and kill 1 MG team and one Panzerschreck – too close guys – you are bunching up! these platoons are now pinned.

US Mortars kill two teams near the bridge

Turn 2:

The Axis MG platoon unpin, the 2iC platoon does not.

The MG platoon now make what I think was a critical mistake. They move forward ready to assault the lone LMG in the road. I would have taken them to their right into the wheat field and across toward the objective near the ford.

The Panzers roll slowly across the ford then use their MGs to take down the LMG on the hill in front of them. One very lucky hit from a hail of fire.

The AAA flak guns move up (again I don’t think this was the best time do use them). They lose their cover and try to take out the US 57mm AT gun acorss the ford. They fail to kill it, thanks to the gun shield.

The Wespes fire on the AT gun on the hill again and smoke it once more. It cannot retaliate against the Panzers being just over 16 inches from them.

The MG platoon fire on the LMG in the road but their pitiful moving firepower is reduced by the width of the roadway. No room to move in their teams. The LMG team shrugs the fire off.

The MGs then try to assault the LMG team but are resticted in their attack by the road wodth and hedges and fail to kill the US team. The LMG strikes back but fails to damage. We then have a stand off and it is not clear if one side needs to move back. We decide to leave things as they are – toe to toe. NOTE: check on the WWPD forums what happens in this stalemate – I can’t see it in the rulebook!

The US force does not move. The Mortars fire on the MGs in the road again (not sure if you can do this as they were in combat with the LMG team. Note: check with the WWPD forums if this is legal. I could not see anything in he Artillery section on ranging in that says you can’t target an assault in progress. Presumably, the enemy should be a couple of inches away…?

Two more MG teams are killed but the platoon makes it motivation check and stays.

The two left side LMGs fire on the AAA flak guns. they are unarmoured and fail too many saves. One platoon kill to the US. Neither of us realised they were not armour zero on the front. 10 LMG shots really did the job on them! Next time it would not happen….

Turn 3:

The 2ic Axis platoon unpins and moves up behind the MG platoon at the double.

The Wespe’s fire smoke again onto the AT gun on the hill.

The MG platoon shoots at the LMG in the road but fails to kill it.

The Panzers open up on the dug in US Assault Rifles with their MGs but fail to kill anything.

The MG platoon assault the LMG team again but once again they fail to kill it.

The dice rolling up to this point has been pretty unlucky for the Axis.

The LMG team counterattack and kill one MG team. The MG platoon is forced back 2 inches but passes its Motivation check.

The US Reserves arrive in the form of the Shermans coming on toward the hill on their right flank. A tank battle may yet ensue….

The Shermans move up to the hill.

The Weapons platoon redeploy to face the oncoming Panzers.

The US Mortars rain shells on the MG platoon in the road but fail to kill anything.

The Assault Rifles hold their fire wih no real viable targets to make it worth losing G2G. The Sehrmans having surprised the Panzsers get 4 side shots on the Panzers at close range … and fail to do any damage at all. the Axis dice rolling has swpapped sides!

The LMG team in the road sits it out. His job is clear – hold until relieved!

Turn 4:

The Panzer tanks turn and move to face the Shermans. Here we go….

The 2Ic Axis platoon decides to take another tack and moves into the wheat field in the hope of making it to the other objective near the ford.

the Wespe’s smoke the Weapons platoon to help stop the AT gun firing onto the Panzer 4H side armour.

The Panzers shoot at the Shermans and bail one out (see the earlier picture – it got out of order – sorry for poor picture quality).

There were no Axis assaults.

The US fail to get any reserves this turn despite rolling two dice.

The Weapons platoon redeploy the two LMG teams into the other wheat field to get within 4 inches of the objective near the ford. They saw the Axis 2iC coming through the field!

The Shermans hold and fire, killing one Panzer 3M outright.

The AT gun on the hill (unsmoked for the first time) tries to take outthe Panzers as well but his shots miss.

There are no assaults.

Turn 5:

The Wespe’s try and take out the two LMGs in the wheat field in an attempt to help the Axis 2iC to take the ford objective. They hit but fail to do any damage other than a loss of some wheat!

The 2iC moves up to challenge the objective and fires on the two LMGs…. and fails to do any damage….

The MG platoon withdraw from the road and head into the whea field some way behind the 2iC platoon.

The Panzers on the other side of the board shoot at the Shermans and disastrously fail to get even a bail. Bad dice return.

The US now find a time to shine.

The US Rifle platoon arrives from reserve and comes on to support the objective near the ford.

The Mortars smoke the Axis 2iC.

The US Rifles double time to the objective ready for next turn when they can challenge it.

The Shermans take down one for Panzer and this is followed by the hilltop AT gun which finishes off one more. The remaining Panzer fails his motivation check and re-roll fo rbeing HG and the platoon is lost.

At this point and with no real prospect of anything but losing two more platoons the Axis player in the guise of Hauptmann Obst decides he has has enough and under cover of the smoke decides he will move off back to his own side ASAP. The battle is over. Captain Dickinson surveys the scene, pulls a fat cigar from his pocket, lights it and says “well done boys, we whooped some ass there”. He goes to find the LMG team in the roadway to consider some kind of reward. Beer for now sounded great.

6-1 Victory to the Allies!


At first I had thought the Axis were going to crush me, but I think a lack of Infantry really did them harm. The PAK40s never got into the game and the Wespes though useful are a bit pricey for smoke generators. The biggest mistake was to try and push up the road with infantry. I think they should have gone across to the Ford objective from the start. The tanks could have followed them up with close support. Next time it would be different. The other point is some bad dice rolling mainly on the Axis side. If they could have taken out the LMG in the road earlier it might have made a small difference. Probably not though….

I am sure a few mistakes were made here but it was a great way to learn. Very different from the “Free-for-all” mission.

The END.

Here are all the pictures to go with the After Action Report.

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Scenery Item – fast bridge and wood

I needed to get some extra scenery pieces out very quickly and so looked in my bits bin… For the base of the wood I just used a spare bit of foam board that I had covered some time ago with flocked paper (Javis brand I think) and some cheap “bog brush” trees. The easiest way to mount them was to hot glue gun them into position. Once ‘dry’ (the hot glue took about 5-10 minutes to go hard on these trees) I just used some PVA glue around the glue marks at the base of the trees and sprinkled on some flock. One of the trees snapped in half and had to be hot glue repaired. I would NOT recommend these cheap trees to anyone. They are a quick and dirty means to an end. You can get them on ebay from a number of sources and cost about 5-20 pounds in various quantities.

The second item was a bridge, some kind of quick and dirty “metalled roadway” to cross the river I already have. I really want to do a stone bridge but it will have to wait a little while longer.

This one was just some scrap pieces of 1mm plywood and a few bits of balsa. Just cut it to size and hot glue it in place. I then coatedthe visible surfaces in PVA glue and sprinkled on fine sand (budgie sand!). Once dry, a coat of cheap household grey paint gave it that “urban roadway” feel. The ramps are not very strong, but my vehicles aren’t heavy either! I certainly will not want to be stopping on the bridge if I can help it during a game…

(Note: you can see the bridge used in this After Action Report – link – the photo quality is not brilliant – sorry – poor lighting and a basic camera – link to bridge image).

Dogs and Devils HG Schwere Aufklarungsschwadron – update

I got the chance to basecoat the almost all the remaining vehicles/guns for this army earlier this week. I still have some half tracks for the PAK40s to dig out and paint as well.

There are 2 more Wespes, a pair of mobile 2cm flak guns, 7 KFz 70 trucks, a staff car, two Kubelwagens, 3 15cm Nebelwerfers, 2 Lelg18 Infantry guns, 1 PAK40 and a goliath.

I really need to get some more infantry done first which will only require a few of the vehicles…

Dogs and Devils US 3rd Infantry Division – next 540 points

I finally got around to painting up the last of my US infantry / AT guns. This now brings the basic list up to around 1240 points.

I now have three more platoons and can run a legal list at last! The platoons are:

1 x Assault Rifle Platoon (1 x command rifles, 9 x rifles, 1 x bazooka) – 260 pts

1 x 57mm AT Gun – 2 x AT guns plus command – 75 pts

1 x Weapons platoon – 3 x 60mm mortars, 4 x LMGs – 165 pts

plus 2 x HQ Bazookas as well (+40 points)

I used the same techniques as in my earlier post on the first part of this army (here) but in addition I used some of my grass tufts to add a little more character to the bases. Thes are easy to glue on, just us a dab of PVA and leave for a few hours.

I can now give the German Hermann Goerring force a run for its money. That list really needs some more infantry painting up.

Unfortunately I need to get more US 3rd ID models to ge past the 1240 point barrier. Until then this will be a cap on the battles I run.

Here are all the infantry parts of the US3rd ID I have so far…

I could always drop the two snipers to save 100 points to put towards getting more platoons, but am stuck as I feel the army needs some of the following:

Armored Rifles, Towed Tank Destroyers, Artillery, Mortars  and Recon.

One saving might be reducing the Weapons platoon down totwo LMGs to save another 40 points. that could bring the army down to 1100 points if needed. Giving 650 points to spend on extras.

Scenery Item – Haystacks

Here are some 15mm scale haystacks I bought in error some years ago from an ebay vendor. I kept them and now I have a use for them!

They are simply resin with ridges down them, about 1 to 1.5 inches tall (2.5cm to 4cm). They have been undercoated black then drybrushed in a creamy yellow.

These would be easy to make with modelling clay just get a blunt knife or the butt end of a small paintbrush and draw lots of vertical lines into the clay. Leave to harden and then undercoat black or dark brown and drybrush to taste.

Casting: for anyone into casting with resin this looks like it would make a simple project to create lots of haystacks. The stacks are one simple piece without much skill required to give texture.

AAR – Dogs and Devils – HG Schwere Aufklarungsschwadron 1130 v US3rdID 850

Here are the images from the game on Saturday night (Mike v Hal) –  a training mission on a 4×4 table.


The forces were both confident veteran. Mission was a free-for-all with changes as follows.

Axis –

HQ 1icSMG team with staff car

2ic SMG panzerknacker makes platoon with 3 x Panzerschrecks from HQ

1 x Sniper from HQ

Combat: 7 xMG Pioneers with trucks

Combat: 2 x Wespes with command and Observer team.

Combat: 3 x PAK40 with command – no vehicles

Divisional: HG Panzers (1x 4H, 2 x 3M, 1 x 3N)

total: 1130 points

US –

HQ – 1ic carbine team

2ic carbine team makes platoon with 2 x HW bazooka teams

2 x HQ Snipers

Combat:1 x Assault Rifle (pioneer) Platoon (1 cmd, 9 rifles, 1 bazooka) + 1 extra rifle team.

Weapons: 1 x 2 gun 57mm AT platoon

Divisional: Sherman platoon (4 x M4 shermans)

total: 850


As the US were outnumbered I chose to let them choose sides as the defender and be dug in.

Note:  I had no tokens made so status was all done by memory or a couple of slips of paper to indicate bailed out / pinned down units. Also, the objective markers were just plain mdf bases (same size as FoW large base).

There was a river dominating the board with two fords. The rest of the river could be crossed as per the rules in the v3 rulebook if desired. The hedges were classed as tall European hedges, not bocage (Italian setting).

Objectives were placed to make best use of the fords across the river.


German player put the PAK40’s on the hill to the right along with the nearby observer for the Wespes and then (misdeployed) the sniper (this was corrected in turn 2 by moving to outside of 4 inches of the PAK 40).

The Wespes were put on the left flank in the wheatfield so they could also defend the objective from tanks.

The centre saw the Panzer’s (2x 3Ms, 1 x 3N and 1 x 4H), the MG pioneer platoon and the 2iC Panzerschreck platoon (3 x screhck teams) all saddled up in their Trucks.

The 1iC stayed out of the action behind a hedge nearer the PAK 40s. He observed the battle from their all game.

The US put the Assault Rifles in the left flank wheatfield and strung across to also watch the right side objective. The 1iC went with them.

The Right side saw the rest on the hill – 2iC and two Bazookas (unpainted), a platoon of 57mm AT guns and a platoon of 4 shermans (Note: it turned out I put the sniper in the wrong place – too close to the firendly units – as this was a training mission, he was redeployed later).

These would try and protect the right flank objective.


The Germans got the first turn and didn’t waste time attacking. The centre untis moved up to the ford and dismounted (MGs and Schrecks). The tanks supported them by going up to the river edge.

The Wespes laid smoke on 3 of the Shermans. PAK40s had no viable targets (range killed them v CV dug in g-to-g concealed teams) – the shermans were over 32 inches from them and were now smoked out anyway.

The US then stayed their ground and shot back at the Panzer tanks with the 57mm AT guns, narrowly failing to bail one (!)

Turn 1 summary picture:

Turn 2:

The Germans infantry units rolled across the ford in  a bid to reach the objective. The US player forgot about the “Stormtrooper” skill in Assault and later in their turn the Germans got lucky and moved to just within 4 inches of the objective. This now pressured the US to do something as they would lose next turn if they could not get a base to wthin 4 inches of the objective – lesson – keep a team within 4 inches of the objective!

The German player failed to make any headway with shooting. The Wespe’s did nothing and the Panzers all failed to damge the US 2iC and his little band of bazookas (these teams being the only ones who could really defend the objective from being taken in the next Starting step!

The US turn 2 now became an exercise in moving a bazooka team on the hill to within 4 inches of the objective. This meant the 2iC platoon lost its gone to ground / dug in status.

The Rifle platoon fired from the right side of the wheatfiled along with the 2iC platoon to try and hit the German MG platoon. They got lucky and killed one team.

The now correctly redployed US Sniper teams – one you can see in the field on the above picturer a few inches from the MGplatoon and the other out of picture on the building to the right – bot shoot at the MG platoon as well, hitting it, pinning it, and killing one more stand.


The German MG platoon unpins and along with the trailing 2iC and ‘schrecks move into the wheatfield.

The Panzers do the double and high tail it across the board to the other ford. They will take on the Rifles soon!

This may have been a bit of an error as it took some pressure off the Shermans and allowed them some freedom to move forward.

The MG platoon open up their reduced ROF on the Rifles in the wheatfield and manage ot kill one team.

The Wespes fail to hit anything again. The PAK40’s try to hit the Rifles as they are no longer gone to ground, but fail to get a ‘6’. the Panzers have used their all to get across the board.

The US Rifles now pour some fire into the MGs along with the 2iC teams and the two 57mm gun teams that are hull down on the crest of the hill (having switched to their Rifles)! The gun team commander is too far back over the US side of the hill to get LOS to the Germans. No casualties.

This stirs the US Sherman platoon into action and they move over the rough hill to get to the forward edge. The use their reduced ROF MG’s on the MG Pioneers but to no effect.

They are now poised to assault with at least two tanks.

The tanks take no damage form the MG pioneers as they move in to assault and kill two more of the MG teams. Their are no more teams in 4 inches so they consolidate forward a little, getting two tanks onto the objective marker. The Germans have lost an assault and the platoon is under strength so they roll for Morale. They fail. Being Hermann Goerring troops they re-roll their platoon motivation and get a ‘1’. The platoon is destroyed.

This is to be a short lived victory for the shermans however…

The US Rifles on the far left are now faced with tanks and no Anti-tank to stop them. They hunker down for the inevitable hosing and assault.

Turn 4:

The Axis bring forward their Panzers across the ford. The 2iC ‘schrecks elect to stay where they are.

The Shermans are now a viable target for the Wespes and the PAK40s. Artillery get very lucky and pops one Sherman, the PAK40’s kill one more and bail another. The remaining tanker fails his morale check and is destroyed.

The Panzers open up with MGs into the US rifles. Two teams fall to their fire.

The US teams can do little at this time as they need to hold the objectives. The right flank has come to their being not much more than a bazooka team controlling the objective with a small platoon of Panzerschrecks at the back of the wheatfield not really sure of what to do.

The ‘schrecks open up with conventional fire on the bazooka team neaest the objective but fail to do anything.

The US Rifles can do little and fail to wound the ‘Schreck team. The other part fo the platoon await the assault from the Panzers next turn…

Turn 5:

The Panzers move to 2 inches away from the Rfiles and open up on them again leaving only three teams to face them.

The German 2iC moves his ‘schreck teams to just within 4 inches of the objective which is now contested.

The Panzers launch and assault on the Rifles, who stay the course but fail to do any damage to them on the way in. The Panzers get 4 hits against the three teams in the combat. As the objective is now uncontested, they take it.

The US Rifles left on the right flank fail a morale check and are destroyed. This leaves just a few teams on the hill on the right who can do nothing to the German 2iC platoon with their pitiful rifle fire.

Turn 6.

The game ends, with a 5-2 win for the Germans. The US still have two platoons left out of four and their 1ic and 2ic intact.


The game was unbalanced in points and did not have any ambushes to reserve moves to help later in the game.

Still, I think if the US had deployed a little differently then the result may have been different or at least more protracted.

If the 57mm guns had been deployed on the left behind the US rifles this would hav made the Panzers think twice about driving on over the ford – their “at the double” manouver would have been slowed down so as not to risk having 12 dice rolled against them! The would have had to rely on the Artillery / PAK 40’s and Panzer guns to try and take out the 57mm guns before committing to charging across and taking side shots from an assault.

This would still have left 3 bazookas and 4 shermans on the right to counter any armour.

It seems that the Shermans were very vulnerable. The artillery, PAK40s, MG pioneers and 2ic Panzerschrecks all had a good chance to do serious damage to the US tanks if they got into range.

Perhaps a second unit of 57mm would be useful – and or towed tank destroyers… A wepaons plaootn would be useful too!

Would the second rifles platoon that should be in this list have helped. Well yes, but again, where would they go. Strung out on the hill to the right would have made a target during the game. Putting two rifle platoons on the left would have only delayed the inevitable.


Tanks suffer from AT fire without support to counter the threats.

Rifles without AT support are next to useless against a tank assault.

Artillery / mortars do have a part to play. In this game the Wespes killed less point than they took, bu their ability to smoke opponents denies some shooting which in turn lessons casualties to ones own side.

Snipers come on in Starting step just before Reserves (p110 v3 rules). They cannot fire if within 4 inches of friendly teams.


A good first game of v3 (after running some assault scenarios) and a sample game last year.

Scenery Item – Marsh

I wanted to try my hand at making a marsh. This one was very experimental. It was hampered by the poorer quality of the basing material and by me not being able to find my grass tufts.

Materials –

Packing corrugated card for the base and the lip around the edge.

PVA glue for all the gluing tasks.

Coarse sand for the raised parts of the marsh.

Small stone chippings for the area around the lip and just inside the Marsh.

Spray primer for the undercoat

Flock mix for the edging.

Static grass for raised areas in the marsh

Woodland Scenics green fake reeds to give height.

Woodland Scenics pour on Water effect.

Method –

Glue the lip around the pond shape then use primer to undercoat the piece.

Glue coarse sand in clumps around the bed of the marsh. These will stick out slightly when the fake water effect is added.

Glue the sone chips to the lip of the marsh.

Paint the marsh in browns / greens to taste.

Add on the water effect and leave 24 hours to dry.

Add the static grass and clumps of cut fake reeds with pva glue.

Leave to dry off.

I am not overly impressed with the result as the corrugations show through. Next time I would probably cut some hardboard and use that for the base.

I would also attach the fake reeds prior to painting and adding the water effect as they were very hard to glue into place last (well just before the static grass).