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FoW – Test Base

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Following a recent post on the WWPD Forums (here) I wanted to explore the ways you can add to what is essentially just a plain base with mud and timber defences.

Here’s my attempt.

As it is a test piece I just took several short lengths rounded stick and cut it with a craft knife to represent cut timber and then glued it to an offcut of 1mm plywood. The uprights were added into the corners to form supports for camouflage nets. Coarse sand was glued to the base. The whole lot was undercoated then painted.

Small patches of realistic water were added into gaps in the sand to make the appearance of puddles.


Several lengths of stick  (cut timbers)- BBW skewerer or similar (one stick was used up (30p for 50 sticks!!)

Base – any material really – a large BF Flames of War base would be best for the real deal.

Camo net – small pieces of plaster coated bandage. You can buy this stuff on ebay. Only a very small amount is needed. Just cut it into rectangles ro squares, then fold it and wet it and glue it into place.

Glue – white PVA

Sand – any coarse sand will do.

Grass – static grass.

Water effect (puddles) – Woodland Scenics water effect (leave overnight to dry).

Foliage – Woodland scenics clump foliage.

Paints: (all Vallejo game color)

Ground: 3 shades of brown working up to a lighter coat as a drybrush

Timbers: 2 shades of grey

Camo net: 3 shades of green as per the ground.

Note: pictures were taken with flash on and off to try and get the feel for the colours used.

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