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Scenery Item – Hills

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Continuing my shoestring scenery theme… here is my attempt at some low hills for flames of war.

Just take some household polystyrene, pva glue, plaster of paris banadage roll , grey paint and flock….

Shape the hill from the sheets and pieces of polystyrene, the stuff I used came from packing in various boxes.

Then use pva glue to bond the pieces together. Once dry, cut some strips of plaster impreganted bandage and wet them sparingly. Place these strips over the hill. I built up two layers to give it some strength. You can over lap the base (if you don’t the material can loosen over time). Remember to use your fingers to smooth the wet plaster over the bandage or you will just see a lot of holes in the bangage once it is dry.

Once dry, paint the hill in a dark colour – I used a mid grey so if it shows through the flock it looks a bit like rock.

Once that coat is dry, brush on pva glue and then cover the hill in flock or static grass – I chose a flock mix for a change.

Once that is dry carefully shake off any loose flock then seal it with a scenic cement (I use a spray on version) and/or a matt spray.

Quick and cheap and easy to patch up later if the hill starts to go bald.

Two completed hills for now:


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