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Scenery Item – Marsh

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I wanted to try my hand at making a marsh. This one was very experimental. It was hampered by the poorer quality of the basing material and by me not being able to find my grass tufts.

Materials –

Packing corrugated card for the base and the lip around the edge.

PVA glue for all the gluing tasks.

Coarse sand for the raised parts of the marsh.

Small stone chippings for the area around the lip and just inside the Marsh.

Spray primer for the undercoat

Flock mix for the edging.

Static grass for raised areas in the marsh

Woodland Scenics green fake reeds to give height.

Woodland Scenics pour on Water effect.

Method –

Glue the lip around the pond shape then use primer to undercoat the piece.

Glue coarse sand in clumps around the bed of the marsh. These will stick out slightly when the fake water effect is added.

Glue the sone chips to the lip of the marsh.

Paint the marsh in browns / greens to taste.

Add on the water effect and leave 24 hours to dry.

Add the static grass and clumps of cut fake reeds with pva glue.

Leave to dry off.

I am not overly impressed with the result as the corrugations show through. Next time I would probably cut some hardboard and use that for the base.

I would also attach the fake reeds prior to painting and adding the water effect as they were very hard to glue into place last (well just before the static grass).

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