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Dogs and Devils US 3rd Infantry Division – next 540 points

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I finally got around to painting up the last of my US infantry / AT guns. This now brings the basic list up to around 1240 points.

I now have three more platoons and can run a legal list at last! The platoons are:

1 x Assault Rifle Platoon (1 x command rifles, 9 x rifles, 1 x bazooka) – 260 pts

1 x 57mm AT Gun – 2 x AT guns plus command – 75 pts

1 x Weapons platoon – 3 x 60mm mortars, 4 x LMGs – 165 pts

plus 2 x HQ Bazookas as well (+40 points)

I used the same techniques as in my earlier post on the first part of this army (here) but in addition I used some of my grass tufts to add a little more character to the bases. Thes are easy to glue on, just us a dab of PVA and leave for a few hours.

I can now give the German Hermann Goerring force a run for its money. That list really needs some more infantry painting up.

Unfortunately I need to get more US 3rd ID models to ge past the 1240 point barrier. Until then this will be a cap on the battles I run.

Here are all the infantry parts of the US3rd ID I have so far…

I could always drop the two snipers to save 100 points to put towards getting more platoons, but am stuck as I feel the army needs some of the following:

Armored Rifles, Towed Tank Destroyers, Artillery, Mortars  and Recon.

One saving might be reducing the Weapons platoon down totwo LMGs to save another 40 points. that could bring the army down to 1100 points if needed. Giving 650 points to spend on extras.


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