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Scenery Item – fast bridge and wood

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I needed to get some extra scenery pieces out very quickly and so looked in my bits bin… For the base of the wood I just used a spare bit of foam board that I had covered some time ago with flocked paper (Javis brand I think) and some cheap “bog brush” trees. The easiest way to mount them was to hot glue gun them into position. Once ‘dry’ (the hot glue took about 5-10 minutes to go hard on these trees) I just used some PVA glue around the glue marks at the base of the trees and sprinkled on some flock. One of the trees snapped in half and had to be hot glue repaired. I would NOT recommend these cheap trees to anyone. They are a quick and dirty means to an end. You can get them on ebay from a number of sources and cost about 5-20 pounds in various quantities.

The second item was a bridge, some kind of quick and dirty “metalled roadway” to cross the river I already have. I really want to do a stone bridge but it will have to wait a little while longer.

This one was just some scrap pieces of 1mm plywood and a few bits of balsa. Just cut it to size and hot glue it in place. I then coatedthe visible surfaces in PVA glue and sprinkled on fine sand (budgie sand!). Once dry, a coat of cheap household grey paint gave it that “urban roadway” feel. The ramps are not very strong, but my vehicles aren’t heavy either! I certainly will not want to be stopping on the bridge if I can help it during a game…

(Note: you can see the bridge used in this After Action Report – link – the photo quality is not brilliant – sorry – poor lighting and a basic camera – link to bridge image).

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