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Scenery Item – Church

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For my recent Flames of War After Action Report I first had to make a church for the village of South Littleton, Worcs. Its not a match for the one seen on google maps but it was needed quickly.

I realised after the game that I had positioned it the wrong way round. It was more dramtic with the tower to the East!

To make the tower I just drew out a plan view on to paper, PVA glued that to some cereal packets and left it to dry. Once dry, it was cut out, stapled together at the base then hot glue gunned and left to dry.

The outer walls were covered in pva glue and bird and (fine sand) then painted grey. the inner wall/floors were painted to match.

The roof was covered with a paper cut out of tiles from the internet (also the source of the doors!) A fairly quick and simple job.

The roof lifts off to hold 4 medium Flames of War bases. The tower is just large enough to hold a single medium FoW base (or two small bases). A lip around the tower edge acts like a battlement and stop the models from falling off.


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