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Scenery Item – Hedges

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I needed to get some english box-type hedging together for a recent AAR for the Flames of War game.

I had some strips of Javis Scenics hedging left over from a railway project a few years back. Its very similar to draught proofing for doors, but covered in green flock.

Unfortunately I could only round up 4 lolly sticks to get this done at the time. So not much hedging for my little English village!

Paint the top and sides of the lolly stick green. PVA glue a strip of the hedging to the lolly stick. Then dip it into some static grass. Hey presto, instant hedge.

To be fair, the hedging didn’t want to sit nicely on the stick so took a couple of minutes of holding down onto the mass of glue to get it settled. But it works as an effect.


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