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Scenery Item – making a base for a Wood

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I decided to go for a quick way of getting a base to represent the boundary of a wood using a material that wouldn’t bow out of shape.

I tried a piece of foamcore (foamboard) and a sheet of sandpaper.

Just cut the shape you want in the foamcore (you can angle the edges to make the next bit easier) then place it in the sandpaper and cut around it leaving a 15mm gap all round. then cut into the edge of the sandapaper all the way round about 2 cmm apart. Use PVA glue on the back of the sandpaper and fix it over the foamcore. Pull the edges of the sandpaper over the back of the foamcore and glue flat. You now have got rid of those unsightly foamcore edges with the sandpaper and textrued the base all in one!

When dry, paint in a suitable green colour, I used a herb green emulsion from a tester pot at Homebase (UK) (it was Sanctuary Olive Grove matt). Quite nice and it stands out from the rest of the gaming table. I haven’t added flock / static grass / bushes yet, but that will no doubt follow.

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