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What’s hot and what’s not – CNC Lolly Sticks – NOT

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Here’s a new feature for my blog – a write up of something that has made a real impression for good or bad.

In this case I was just going to say forget it and get on with life. In this case…

Its not the cost of something that matters its the principle…..

In order to carry on with my hedging project (link) I needed some more lolly sticks. I could wait a few weeks for the kids to eat some ice pops in the warm english summer….. okay I bought some on ebay.  Cheapest uk supplier as I recall.

50 wooden lolly sticks delivered. Lovely. Until they arrived today.

The sticks are marked “CNC Scenics”, “Manufactured in Great Britain” and “High quality product”. They should be brilliant…!

Wrong. Before opening the packet I could see there were problems. First off there were 48 not 50. What’s 4 percent between banks err friends……

Then I found 16 that were split, cracked or warped. That left 32 that were acceptable for the hobby uses they are supplied for (they looked like lolly sticks). The quality was not high and definately  not what you would want inside your lolly. I can only assume that the rejects from lolly factories get sent to CNC and used for their ‘high quality products’ (your words CNC not mine).

Deeply unimpressive CNC. I will not be using or recommmending ANY of your products. If I got this failure rate from other scenic item suppliers or model makers I would probably have trading standards involved!

CNC your lolly sticks SUCK.

Who would have thought that you really needed your wits about you when making such a life changing purchase.

Back to sucking lollies in the sun….

Picture: The wrapping, a sample decent lolly stick and the others that didn’t make the exacting grade of “wooden lolly stick”…. (some have the edges chipped off at the back or are weak from poor materials)


  1. Try Tescos, I found a bag of coloured lolly sticks in there for cheap. Cant say ive had any real problems so far.

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