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AAR – Battle Report – Skirmish in the Lea Valley

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A small scale skirmish of remnant forces on the edge of the Lea Valley occurred as Axis motorised forces try to push down into London.

The remains of a HG Heavy Recon company tried to take the area near a vital crossroads but was destroyed after a valiant counterattack by the US 3rd ID.

The area was a representation of the Axis having crossed one of the few roads across the Lea Valley to try and enter the Tottenham/Hackney area from the Essex border. If I had more time I woud have tried to recreate the water/roadbridge in an area such as Ferry Lane/Tottenham Hale. Google maps shows me this area has changed a heck of a lot in the last 20 years since I was there, so it makes the job harder. Historically, the whole Lea Valley area made of an open stretch of impactical land, being river/marshy with only a few road crossing east/west into NE London. You can find examples of pillboxes spread around the area, such as to the north of Waltham Abbey around Fishers Green and the River Lea and the Lea Navigation). Any force trying to cross the marshes and rivers would have met difficult going, lack of any roads and defensive fire from the Home Guard! Link to pdf. Wiki Outer Stop Line London.

The Axis forces attacked down the Main Road but overstepped the mark and were outgunned by AT and Sherman fire. The Shermans then pushed on and took out Wespes and AA guns to clear the Axis temporary HQ out!

Another Victory to the Allies in London (6-1).

Axis: (Attacker)

HQ, 2x Wespes, 2x AA trucks, platoon of 4 Panzers (610 pts, CV)

Allies: (Defender)

HQ, 2 x AT guns, 1 Rifle Platoon, 4 shermans (675 pts, CV)

Mission: Free for All.

Analysis: The Axis had an uphill struggle from the start, losing in points. a Few Panzerscrecks on the Axis objective could have made all the difference at the end! The dice rolling went badly for the Axis. They got unlucky on a couple of occassions, losing a Panzer to a lucky bazooka in defensive fire as they assaulted the AT guns.

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