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AAR – Battle Report – WFB – 2500pts – Goblins v. Beasts of Chaos

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The height of battle....

Beastmen and Goblins do battle….

Saturday the 8th September saw the match up of two mighty forces at a game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Featuring Dean’s mighty Beasts of Chaos and my own Goblins (no Orcs!)

We met up at Warhammer World in Nottingham on a warm and sunny day. Unfortunately we got to play inside under artificial light, which seemed a shame given the unusual September weather.

Note: the game was run using 7th edition rules and codex from that era: Orcs & Goblins book 2006, Beasts of Chaos 2003) – we don’t play 8th edition. So if you are a retro WFB gamer, read on!

Goblins. Mainly Night Goblins (NG)…

NG General (sneaky skewerer, enchanted shield, Best Boss ‘at) and NG ASB (big red raggedy banner) with 38 Night Goblin Spearmen.

2 x 39 NG spears plus level  NG 2 Shaman (2 x dispel scroll each)

1 x 40 NG spears.

2 x 20 NG archers (red unit, purple unit) each with 3 NG fanatics.

3 x 10 Spider Riders (musician).

1 x 10 Goblin wolf Riders.

1 x 3 Trolls

1 x Giant

2 x Spear chukkas (bolt throwers)

1 x 6 snotling bases

Beasts of Chaos.

Beastlord of Tzeentch (Biting blade, Enchanted shield, Horn of the Great hunt)

Wargor ASB (war banner)

3 x Beast Herd (12 gors/8 ungors)

1 X Bestigor Herd (20) (2H weapons)

2 x 10 Chaos Hounds

2 x Tuskgor Chariot

1 x 6 Minotaurs

1 x 6 Chaos Ogres

1 x 10 Centigors

1 x Chaos spawn

1 x Chaos Giant

The table was a basic 6×4 with a smattering of hills and woods. A Herdstone had been built by Dean and we placed that in the centre. It was counted as an arcane monolith and worth a power dice / dispel dice to the side with the nearest unit within 12 inches.
Goblins won the choice of table edges and we started to deploy. The Beasts finished earlier but held two units back in Beastie Ambush for outflanking.

The Beasts put the Chaos Hounds and Centigors on their right and then strung out his Herds across the table, with the Bestigors all but on the left flank along with the Chaos spawn.

Goblins put two units of Spider Riders on their left, the then ‘purple’ archers, three blocks of infantry

The Beasts won first turn but gave it to the Goblins.

Turn 1:

The goblins had to make Animosity tests and fared badly. Many units did not seem to do much at all. The expected advance did not occur.

I also forgot the Waaghh! rule all game.

An attempt at magic by the orange shaman ended in miscast, luckily failing to wound but putting him off his casting this turn.

No shooting was attempted. This was again forgetful as I had two bolt throwers.

The Beasts generally moved forward, using the central Beast Herds in their semi-skirmisher mode. The Centigors did not imbibe of the grape and made it into a wood for a rest, err, tactical move.

The level4 Beastlord had some 10 power dice available to him through the magic of his troops and proximity to the Herdstone. He used this to cast a Green Fire spell on the Warboss’s unit. One of the Shamans shamefully uses a scroll to dispel the powerful magic. A magic missile follows into the same unit but miscasts. The magical energies cause a wound to the Beastlord.
Still, he manages to try Yellow Fire on his own unit of Herd troops and succeeds on putting a ward save on them.

As they had no shooting, the turn ended rapidly.

Turn 2:

The goblins stop the squabbling in the main and manage to get a move on. The Purple shaman gets a magic missile off on the Beastlords Herd and kills one creature.

The two Giants end up in combat after the gobbo sponsored one charges his opponent. The gobbo’s cheer on their Giant who then places a massive blow which his Beastie opponent, Lofty, then sidesteps. In return, Lofty then wields his own club, which impacts somewhere vital. The Gobbo’s Giant takes damage overkill from the blow and dies instantly. Scratch one Gobbo Giant (the club attack did 2d6 damage, which the recipient failed to make an Initiative save from; Lofty rolled 11 damage versus the defenders 6 wounds). The Giant’s body fell but failed to crush his former opponent on the way down.

The Beasts of Chaos start with a round of drunkenness for the Centigors, who act stupidly and trot forward a short way but not far enough to engage the nearby hiding fanatics in the red night goblin archer unit.

The Beasts of Chaos have two units of Ambushers that arrive this turn in the flanks of the Goblins. A unit of Chaos Hounds near the Spider riders and Beastmen Herd with Wargor ASB that comes on near the Wolf Riders.

The spawn of chaos continues to fail to move more than a shuffle and does nothing. The rest of the troops position themselves.

The Giant charges a unit of Goblin spears whom in turn and flee in Terror.

The Giants move also triggers the nearby Fanatics in the Night Goblin archers who cause 2 damage.

The Red Night Goblin Archers release their Fanatics when the Beast Chariot comes within 8 inches. One fanatic destroys the Chariot in a hail of metal and wood and continues through the Beast Herd in skirmish formation killing one creature then goes on to wrap himself round a tree in the wood behind the unit. The other two fanatics stop short of the Bestigor unit.

The Beastlord conjures up a Green Fire spell onto the Goblin General’s unit but a scroll dispels it.

Turn 3:

One Goblin unit quails in Terror of the Giant and flees. A NG Shaman fires off a magic missile that is dispelled in return.

The Purple Archer unit somehow manage to kill two Centigors with short bow fire. Both Bolt Throwers manage to miss the Bestigor unit, bolts hitting the dirt.

The goblins having now seen units flee are not in a position to offer combat.

The Beasts launch a charge on the Goblin right flank at the Spider Riders.

The Beastlord tries a Violet fire spell on the Night Goblin General but is just out of range.

He then shoots a Green Fire spell on the Snotling unit, doing very minor damage.

The Beast Herd with the Wargor ASB kill one Spider rider and in return take one casualty. The Spider Riders lose the combat overall and then fail a break check and flee. The Wargor urges his troops to pursue but they fail to catch the fleeing Arachnids.

The Bestigors kill six NG archers from the ‘red regiment’ and take no damage as a result of this massacre. The Archers flee. In their Frenzy, the Bestigors can do nothing but pursue but fail to reach the surprisingly fast little goblins.

The Wargor Chariot charges the Goblin Spear unit led by the orange shaman.
The impact against the little green ones is so great that in the ensuing combat a total of seven gobbo’s lay dead. They break and flee but are caught and killed to a goblin in pursuit.

The Centigors now take their toll on the NG archers of the ‘purple’ regiment. They take six casualties and break. They run so far they leave the table.

On the goblin left flank the Hounds of Chaos become the first real casualty of the game for the Beasts. The Spider Riders kill four Hounds whom in turn break and flee off the table.

Turn 4:

The goblins rally what they can and then realise they have no shamans left to cast magic, having lost those two large infantry blocks. They have also lost their last remaining dispel scroll.

The two Bolt Throwers get the unit of Chaos Ogres in their sights and kill tow of the six. The Ogres pass their panic test and stand firm.

In combat, the Goblin spears kill tow Gors from the Herd who in turn flee.

The Beasts rally the fleeing Gor Herd. The Centigors get drunk and frenzied and charge the Snotlings.

Various new charges ensue from the Beasts….

Magic has no effect this turn, luckily. There’s not much for the Beastlord to target!

The Snotlings fall under the hoofs of the Centigors, the survivors routing off the table.

The Giant charges the Generals unit of spears who overcome their fear and stand.
The Giant kills five goblins but loses the combat due to weight of numbers, being hard as rocks; Lofty stands fast against the little green pests.

The Minotaurs charge the other unit of goblin spears in its flank and kill seven goblins. The goblins break and are run down and eaten for their trouble.

The Gor Herd kill six spider riders who flee but manage to outrun their pursuers.

Turn 5:

The goblins have cannot really do anything except to shoot the Bolt Throwers at the Minotaurs, killing two. The Minotaurs stand fast.

The Giant continues his attack on the Goblin General and his unit. He kills 3 more green ‘uns but again loses the fight to weight of numbers, taking another wound into the bargain.

The Beastmen Chariot charges into the Trolls and the Bestigors into the Bolt Throwers.

The Gor Herd with the ASB kill of off the last three Spider riders. The Chariot hurts a Troll and in return takes some damage from Vomit (!)

The Trolls lose the fight and flee off the table edge.

The Bestigors trample over the Bolt Throwers.

The Giant kills two more goblins and the fight continues.

Turn 6:

The Goblin spearmen headed up by the Warboss General and the ASB Big Boss manage to bring down the giant before he can attack again.
Victory is short lived as Bestigors, Hounds and Centigors charge both flanks of this regiment. The Gobbo’s break and flee under the weight of the attack. They run off the board and the game is literally over.


Major Victory to the Beasts of Chaos. The whole goblin army is destroyed or routed off table and the field is taken. The Goblin Warboss keeps running but lives to fight another day!


This turned into a fast rout for the goblins. Last time I ran them they did well against a Dwarf army. Dean had made a good tactical analysis and constructed his list accordingly. His deployment seemed to be almost perfect with two good ambushing units. He had hoped to get my Giant opposite some units not affected by Psychology but this was not to be as I deployed my Giant last in an effort to counter his. In the end it worked better in my opinion. His Giant killed mine and was then clear to run riot amongst the goblins. Add to this the devastating attacks in Turn 3 and the Goblins were all but finished at that point. It was just a mopping up exercise after that.
Still it was an enjoyable game against a better Beast (on the day) – there’s always next time!


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1 Comment

  1. Dean says:

    Many thanks to Mike for the BattleReport and indeed the game itself! I thoroughly enjoyed the entire day (even the food was good at Bugman’s Bar).

    For my part, I put my victory down to two things:
    1) The Dice were with me (they were certainly better on the day than my range-guessing skills: an out-of range spellcasting attempt and two(!) failed charges – shocking!).
    2) The inherant mobility of the Beasts: there’s nothing in the army with a Move of less than 5” and a large portion of the troops are unaffected by terrain that would slow other troop-types. Add to that the “Ambush” ability and it basically meant I could be where I wanted to be and allowed me to dominate combat by being the charger, rather than the chargee. This in turn means I get the first attack even if my Initiative is lower and since in many cases I managed to wipe out Mike’s unit’s front row in the charge, he had no models to attack back with that turn so the combat was won. Low Ld (in both armies, incidentally) then means the chargee breaks and runs.

    I was very nervous about this game – Mike’s army looked terrific (how he managed to get that many troops painted to that standard I’ll never know) and it’s very daunting facing a battle line with circa 250 models in it!

    Cheers, Mike – looking forward to the next game already.

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