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Gripping Beast Saga Welsh Starter Warband unboxing

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Another unboxing this way comes… this time the contents of Gripping Beast’s Saga wargame Welsh Warband.

The Welsh set comes in a plastic carton with a full cover cover that protects the contents in transit.I guess you could use the box again for dice, fatigue counters once the figures are assembled.
The box contains 33 metal 28mm scale models and enough Renedra plastic bases for them all. One base is 40mm round for the Warlord and the rest are 25mm round. Thes bases have no raised lip or tapered edge (unlike the ones for Hordes or GW40K).
The figures appear to be reasonable castings, wthough many of the figures have oversize hands (IMHO) to accomodate the metal spears that come with the warband. The 12 levy troops only come in four types so there is some noticeable repeat of figures. The castings are not bad and pretty free of flash as far as I can tell. I think I prefer the look of the metal Viking set compared to this one. Once painted I am sure they will look just fine.
The Warband is neatly packaged and contains a good base for a larger Warband.

Here are the pictures….


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