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Wargames Factory plastic 28mm Saxon Thegns unboxing

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Another unboxing this time of plastics. This release from Wargames Factory contains 32 x 28mm Armoured Saxons with a variety of heads, weapons, arms and shields.

The stacking mechanism used for the sprues in the box is not one I have seen (with GWs plastics anyway) and was quite impressive. The sprues stack table-like together keeping the pressure off the parts. Simple and clever as it helps avoid crush damage. Some thought went into this – I like it.

There are only four body types which appear quite similar. One appears to be running or about to jump, the others are fairly static. This is a bit disappointing but what can you do with chainmail clad warriors?

There are LOTS of arms and you will only use a fraction. Most are designed for right hand holding a weapon fairly upright, the others for holding a shield close in on the left hand.  There are enough shields to allow some variation, but not enough round shields to avoid kite shields altogether. There are also eight pairs of arms designed for holding a 2 handed axe.

The axes have hafts that are not overly long and look a little weedy (IMHO). The weapons are a mix of swords and spears and a few axes. You will need to remove these from the sprues carefully with clippers to avoid damage, then clean them up carefully with a craft knife.

There are 16 heads with helmets, the other 32 are bare-headed or with caps. For this box set I would have thought caps were less Hearthguard and more Warrior or Levy style….? I don’t have the Saxon Fyrd box yet so I can’t compare. I am guessing that the weapons sprues are probably the same in both boxes.

To round off there are 8 bows in the set and a couple of standards should you wish to use them.

Overall, the quality of the components is high, detail is clean and the mix of parts decent enough. Like anything, you always wish there were more of some things.
Here are the pictures…


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