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Saga game – Battle Flag shield decals for Conquest Games Norman Knights

Just wanted to add a piccie of the decals from the above company (bought on ebay). They are not cheap but certainly look the part. When I get round to using them I will put up the results as well.

Battle Flag Norman Cavalry shield decals

Battle Flag Norman Cavalry shield decals


AAR – Battle Report – FoW – 1750 pt LW – US 3rd Rifles v SS Schwere Panzer rematch

This game from a week or two back was a bit of a rematch with Fraser against his slightly altered Heavy Panzer list (link to last game).

Venue: NWGC, Stockport, UK.

LW 1750 – US 3rd Infantry Division (D&D) v German SS Heavy Panzers (E&S)

Mission: Hasty Attack  (Mobile Battle) P284 of the v3 rulebook.

Tigers in the village keep ARP and TD's away! (the background is another games table!)

Tigers in the village keep ARP and TD’s away! (the background is another games table!)


This was going to be another slog.  Last time I managed to hang on by my fingernails against the Tigers and their infantry support and gain a 5-2 win. That time was in favourable terrain and a helpful mission. This time Fraser had honed his list, dropping some of the half-track infantry in exchange for another Tiger and Wittman! As he said, it wasn’t really a Tiger list, but now….(!)

Here are the lists:

US: (US 3rd ID, Confident Veteran) (1750 pts)

HQ with two bazookas (bazookas attached out to rifle platoons)

Assault Rifle platoon

Rifle platoon

HMG platoon with 2 bazookas (all attached out to rifle platoons)

Sherman platoon (3 M4/M4A1 tanks)

AT gun platoon (2 57mm guns)

Armored rifle platoon (5 half tracks)

M-10 Tank Destroyer platoon (4 TD’s)

Germans: (SS Heavy Panzer Company, Fearless Veterans)

Schwere SS-Panzerkompanie HQ (1735 pts)
– 2 Tiger 1E
(Replace Company Command Tiger 1 E with Warrior and Company Command team Michael Wittman in his Tiger 1 E for +100 points.)
590 points

Schwere SS-Panzer Platoon
– 2 Tiger 1E
480 points

Schwere SS-Panzer Platoon
– 2 Tiger 1E
480 points

Schwere SS-Panzer Scout Platoon
– 3 Scout Squads
185 points


The objectives were placed in accordance with the rules. I kept my ARP in immediate ambush and the AT guns, TDs and Sherman tanks in reserve. I placed one objective on the wood on the axis side with the hope of making a run down the right hand side and cutting across toward it.

The axis placed an objective on my far left in the wood. I placed my other one in the centre on the hill and used my first rifle platoon to defend it. The axis placed their second objective on the right of my flank where they could get a fairly clear run toward it. I used the other rifle platoon to defend that one.

The Axis then got to remove one of their three objectives on my side. Removing the centre one (surprise) and leaving the one on my far left now exposed  [EDIT: it now seems the defenders objective is not one that has to be removed – MRBv3 page 284 ‘Preparing for Battle’, section 6]  . I think Fraser (and myself) were expecting me to deploy my immediate ambush around the far left exposed objective in the little wood (see 1st pic ‘AAR’)  –  I didn’t. I put the half tracks for the ARP on the far right behind the big hill. My aim being to use the ARP as a strike force against the unexposed objective on the Axis side. My aim – win big – or lose big (as I said to Fraser at the start of the game).

The game:

The Axis got first turn and got off to a fast start. They kept in and around the village in the middle of the table. Luckily for me I had not wasted points on aircraft. I only remember once a tank being away from trees or buildings!

The Axis moved a tank or two over toward the objective on my side as a counter to the US ARP that threatened their objective. Later, their reserve MG team infantry came onboard in their watertight jeeps and then parked their infantry on the wood over the objective. For the rest of the game, Fraser kept one tank and the infantry platoon on that objective and pretty much stopped me from moving in the Armored Rifles. When I did try moving in the LMG guns they got cut to bits. THe ARP pretty much stayed in the large wood, digging in and just threatening the axis objective to keep them occupied. Not my plan at all. Fraser then concentrated on taking out my arriving TD’s. The TD’s were the lucky unit of the game. They should have been wiped out twice but survived. The flaky Tiger near the axis objective whiffed a few times!

For my infantry. The right hand objective stayed firmly secured my dug in rifles with their HMGs and bazookas (3 of). In the centre I made the mistake of moving the US rifles who no longer had an objective to look after. I tried to get them up behind the village, but the Tigers back into then down through the village and moved to get LoS and cut them down. Gradually, despite digging in later, the Tigers moved through the village, pouring 88mm and MG fire into them and breaking them.

When my AT guns showed up all they could do was whiff against the sides of the tigers as they came out of the village and headed to the exposed objective. I tried to move them after that to get LoS past the hill to get rear shots, but they did nothing useful after that.

Finally my Sherman’s arrived and made it to the wood to defend. but with 4 Tigers headed their way, it was easy to see where the victory would go that day. The Tigers whiffed on turn 8 and left one Sherman standing then blew it up on turn 9 and consolidated near the objective.

6-1 Victory to the Germans.


Well I had said “win big lose big” at the start. I did lose big. If I had just sat the ARP on the left hand objective “as expected” I might have lived to tell the tale! Oh well. Against this list I will need more heavy AT firepower. It was a good game and Fraser played extremely well. Well done!


Saga Game – Unboxing – Wargames Factory Saxon Fyrd

I finally got my Saxon Fyrd box set of 28mm scale 1/56 plastics so here is a comparison to the unboxing of the Saxon Thegns set (link).
The two Saxon sets from this manufacturer are basically identical, with only the bodies and upper arms being different between the sets. The weapons sprues are the same as far as I can tell. There are no bases supplied.

The pictures…

Saga Game – Unboxing of Conquest Games Norman Infantry and Knights

Just wanted to share the details on the 1/56 (28mm scale) plastic boxed minis from Conquest Games.

They are the Norman Knights pack (15 of plus Renedra bases) and Norman Infantry pack (44 of plus Renedra bases).
Here are the pictures….

Saga game – Norman Crossbow conversion – Part 1

Here is an item I had guest posted on the website….

Saga game – Tactics for Viking Berserkers and Danish Axes

Here are two articles I guest posted on WWPD’s website….

AAR – Battle Report – FoW – 1750 pt LW – US 3rd Infantry versus German Infantry Sperrverband

More Flames of War goodness – 1750 points Late War  – at the North West Gaming Centre in Stockport but this time against Dave.  This was to be my second only game versus Infantry and proved to be another set of lessons in how to play (not to play?) Flames of War….

The lists:

US: (Confident Veteran Infantry from Dogs and Devils)

HQ with two bazookas.

Assault Rifle platoon

Rifle platoon

Weapons platoon (2 LMG, 3 60mm mortars)

HMG platoon with 2 bazookas (all attached out to the rifle platoons)

81mm Mortar platoon (4 mortar teams)

AT gun platoon (2 57mm guns)

Armored rifle platoon (5 half tracks)

M10 Tank Destroyers (act as mobile artillery in Dogs and Devils not Tank Destroyers) platoon.

Jeep/Infantry Recon (3 Jeeps, 1 AA MG – can dismount to 3 teams of carbines/rifles).

German: (Reluctant Veteran Sperrverband)
Cmd Panzerfaust SMG
Warrior 2iC Pioneer Panzerfaust SMG Windgruber
2x Panzerschreck team

Sperr Pionier Platoon
1x Cmd Pioneer Panzerfaust SMG team
6x Pioneer Rifle/MG team

Sperr Platoon
1x Cmd Panzerfaust SMG team
4x Rifle/MG team
2x MG42 HMG

Sperr Platoon
1x Cmd Panzerfaust SMG team
4x Rifle/MG team
2x MG42 HMG

Sperr Mortar Platoon
Cmd SMG team
2x Observer Rifle team
4x 8cm GW34 mortar

Sperr Anti-tank Gun Platoon

Cmd SMG team
2x 7.5cm PaK40 gun

Sperr Infantry Gun Platoon

Cmd SMG team
1x Observer Rifle team
2x 7.5cm leIG18 gun

Panzer Platoon (Confident Veteran)
4x Panzer IV H

Veteran Tank-hunter Platoon (Confident Veteran)
4x Hetzer

Luftwaffe Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Platoon (Reluctant Trained)

1x Cmd SMG team
Kfz 15 field car
2x 8.8cm FlaK36 gun (Extra crew for ROF3)
2x Sd Kfz 7


After setting up the scenery on one of the 6×4 tables the mission chosen at random from the FoW rulebook was Surrounded (rulebook p. 282). As both sides were infantry we tossed for attacker and I lost. I had to deploy in a narrow strip in the middle of the table. The Attacker would then come at me from either or both of the short table edges. I chose to string out my three rifle platoons and put M10s and mortars where they might take least damage and still see something.
I kept my AT guns in Immediate Ambush.

The Germans put a large block of infantry on the large wood ready to make a move on the southernmost and possible least defended part of the field. Other German forces included a small amount of infantry to threaten the other objective, the 88mm guns on the back of the long hill to see the Tank Destroyers (some of them) and the Hetzers on the back of the smaller hill diagonally opposite the 88’s – thereby being able to see all of my tank destroyers. The mortars and the observer started in the house on the road with a clear view of many of my troops! The Pak 40’s were placed on the edge of the wood to give support to the large german infantry block. The unit of Panzer 4’s started at the back of the longer hill near the 88’s.


The Attacker got first turn and moved up his infantry while opening fire with pak40’s and Hetzers.

I had made a bad move – I should have placed the M10s centrally in a wheat field to give them camouflage. As I had not moved and bot the Hetzers and 88mm’s were outside of 16 inches my Veteran vehicles would have been safe from all but mortar fire. I didn’t do that and quickly lost two TD’s to 88s and Hetzers.

The US AT guns had ambushed so as to get a line on the panzers. They fired and killed on tank and bailed two others. The platoon broke and ran. Unfortunately there wasn’t much more for them to do on that side of the board.

The Germans continued to advance the infantry through the woods, sending out a few teams into the little cornfield near the US lines. The Rifle platoon were there to try to counter any threat but that point in the line had no high ROF weapons. The nearest LMG and HMG were coming under fire from the Pak40s and Hetzers.

Smoke from the US mortars kept the 88s from doing anymore damage. Once the Hetzers had their way though, the M10 threat was gone. The 88s were loaded up onto their transports but a turn later the US Jeeps moved in to MG the transports, killing one. The other disappeared in a cloud of dust. The Passengers survived, but without any transport they were stuck away from the action and never really got back into the game.

The Small group of German infantry in the far corner of the board moved slowly toward the objective on the top of the table from the US perspective, keeping pressure up on the defending pioneer rifles. The attached German HMGs also tried to do their bit my taking on the US Recon Jeeps, killing two of them.

After this, the pressure kept on as the German infantry used its guns to remove US machine gun teams while the infantry made a break on the edge of the table, assaulting into the US rifle positions. They kept far enough away from the US MG’s to take very little defensive fire. Despite the fact that the Germans had their 1ic and 2ic in the combat zone, they survived to keep on fighting. Eventually they won a foothold and the US could not hold on to the ground.

The Hetzers were now mopping up against the same platoon…

At this point we moved into turn six and the hour was very late. Without much of a chance of salvaging anything for the US without spending another couple of hours we shook hands and Dave took the game. As he had 9 or 10 platoons he won 6-1.


I am not sure I like this mission. The defenders are surrounded on both sides without and real room to manoeuvre. After saying that some thoughts and good advice came out.

Deploy the M10s in a central wheat field! That way, as Veterans, they would be on a seven to hit from range and therefore safe until the Panzers and Hetzers moved in (or they lost gone to ground and the 88s could join in). It would have kept them safe for a few turns at least.

The AT gun ambush worked (luckily), but a better use for the immediate ambush would have been to put the ARP (Armored Rifle platoon)in its place. I could have seen where all the attacking troops had gone and responded to the threat by playing them in a much more useful position. As it was they were not really used in the game. They would have been game changing IMO.  Next time….

Some HMGs on the little Hill just behind where the Germans attacked the US line could have made a big difference. Don’t leave part of the line short on MG cover! What MGs I had were taken out by Pak40’s and Hetzers.

The AT guns could have been played elsewhere and the bazookas of the ARP could have done their job instead by spreading the ARP teams around the little hill. Again, good ambushing with the ARP could have reinforced the US rifles and also been able to see off the Panzers.

A thoughtful game. Thanks Dave. Maybe if I had been the attacker….. 🙂

Here are the pictures:

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