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Saga Wargame – 4 points of Anglo-Dane Hearthguard

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Just finished up the first four points of my Anglo Danes in 28mm plastic for Saga wargame from Gripping Beast / Studio Tomahawk.
One thing I don’t claim to be is a great miniature painter. It is strictly tabletop standard. I wasn’t 100 percent about the paint job, but the basing I think helps pull it together and divert the eye.

Note: the lighting I had to play with isn’t the best. I will try to get better quality pictures at a later date.

[Edit@ I have added some more pictures with added lighting]

The models were the Wargames Factory Hammer of the Gods Saxon Thegns plastic box set. The only other parts used were Renedra plastic round bases (25mm) and a metal Dane Axe from Gripping Beast’s Viking Starter Set. The Axes in the WF plastic box set are a bit too short for Dane Axes. The Dane Axe is mandatory in the Saga wargame for an Anglo-Dane Warlord.

The paints used were from the Vallejo Game Color range. The finish was done with an Army Painter Anti-shine matt spray varnish.

The basing was three stage. A coat of Vallejo GC Tierra (brown earth). Then a sprinkling of OO scale fine brown ballast (Javis) onto a PVA glue coat. After that had dried another batch of PVA glue was used to secure a mix of topping materials ( a mix of Woodland Scenics  Coarse Turf, Javis Coarse Light Green Grass,  Javis Medium Green bushes, shredded Hornby Skale scenics Early Autumn Coarse Foliage Fibre Clusters and lastly a few bits of shredded light green Woodland Scenics lichen thrown in for good measure – all in descending order of quantity in the blend).

Leave to stand for an hour at room temperature and all should be dry enough to photograph/game with.


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