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Saga Wargame – Review and Build – 4Ground Woods

Here’s a Review I wrote for the site… link here.
The laser cut products seem to be a good choice for Saga, but would be equally useful for Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

woods (1)


Saga Wargame – What can you take in the Frankish Faction?

Here’s a link to a brief article I posted on the website.

The Raven’s Shadow supplement offers some interesting factions to choose from. The Franks have the ability to choose from three flavors of troops.


Saga Wargame – Saga Dice – Luck or Judgement

Here’s an article I posted on the site a few days back. I wanted to take a look at the impact of having fewer dice to roll as the game goes on. Where is the critical point regarding the important “rare” symbol on each dice?

link to the article.

lots of saga dice