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Saga Wargame – What can you take in the Frankish Faction?

The Old Giant

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Here’s a link to a brief article I posted on the website.

The Raven’s Shadow supplement offers some interesting factions to choose from. The Franks have the ability to choose from three flavors of troops.




  1. Mousaka says:

    Love this article. Would you be willing to do a follow up one on how the frank abilities work in relation to the warband options?

    • Thanks for the feedback. When you talk about options, do you mean the three variations of Franks? I could certainly take a look. This is a complex set of abilities complicated by three flavours of Frank list!

      • Mousaka says:

        Yes. I am building a Breton warband, and want to go for either a Norman or Frank warband using my remaining models, and it would be helpful to hear your thoughts on how the abilities of the Franks could work with the three different variations. This could help me decide on which Frank variation(s) to go for.

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