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AAR x3 – FoW – Stockport PicandMix Dec 2012- LW 1500 pts

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Here’s are the results of the three games I played for this one-day (Saturday the 8th) Flames of War tournie at Stockport’s North West Gaming Centre just off the A6, Stockport, Cheshire, UK.

Late War, 1500 points. Three 2.5 hour rounds. Random first round, match up on points after that.

My force was the Herman Goring Heavy Recon (6 platoons) from the Dogs and Devils book.

HQ (plus Panzerschrecks), Wespes x4, Pioneer MGs, Aufklarungs MGs, Nebelwerfers x3, Panzers x4, PAK40s x 2. On refelction this is NOT a good tournament force, but it was fun to try to a change from my US 3rd ID!

Round 1 – “Dust Up” v. Brian’s US 7th Armored – score 6-1 to Brian. We played on the “Russian” table (wooden huts and pine trees and from the light on the photos close to a window in the early morning Winter Sun!)

Round 2 – “Hasty Attack” v. AndyGI’s German StugBatterie – score 4-3 to Andy (I defended) (played on the “western european” table with the little village).

Round 3 – “Fighting Withdrawal” v. Dan’s US 7th Armored – score 6-1 to Dan (I defended) (played on the “river runs through it” table with plenty of blocking hills and woods and riverbanks).

I didn’t do so well, but my mission to do better than 3 points was at least achieved on my first ever tournament (5 points!)

Interesting to note that with only 8 players in the FoW part of this tournament there were two players drawing forces from the US 7th Armored list….

A big thanks to Hammy for organising the event – there must have been at least 50 players there, mainly not playing FoW (FoG and other events). I didn’t win a box of sweets with a gold painted figure on top (aww), but the mince pies were welcome!

Big thanks also to Darren for hosting at the NWGC. If you are in the area its worth taking a look.

Game1: I put my Nebs, PAK40s and the MG platoon on the right to defend that objective. The Panzers, Wespes and Pioneers were to move in on the left flank and across to the objectives on the hill. That was the plan. The US tanks swung around to toward my right flank and after some cautious moves they took apart my force on that side. On my left flank my attack was hindered by some poor dice rolls. I then lost the Panzers and Wespes. By then the game was over as the US had taken my right flank. Game to Brian.

Game2: This seemed a lot more balanced. The right hand objective with my pioneers and panzerschreck guarding it was removed at the start by Andy, leaving my left flank to bear the brunt of the onslaught of the Stugs. The PAK40s were the men of the game, taking out a number of Stugs (I think they killed off a whole platoon and a couple more besides. They were destroyed by the sheer numbers in the end. The panzers and Wespes tried to hold the line. The Wespes were appalling. Still, they stopped the attack long enough. In the end it was my Pioneers on the right that had tried to go for the enemy objective, then had to fall back. They tried to cover the central objective from advancing infantry and recon elements. In fact they killed the enemy Recon platoon in one turn of MG shooting. However they were pushed back and eventually just as time was called, the enemy Stugbatterie managed to hold the central objective with seconds to spare. It was a really great game. Thanks Andy!

Game3: Dan entered this one having been beaten in both previous games. I got to deploy first as it was a fighting Withdrawal. His force was capable of moving across the board quickly, so i spread out. I made the mistake of not realising how potent his force was. I only put the MG platoon on the left flank to cover that objective. Thinking that the PAK40s in ambush and the panzers in the centre would help in defence of either side of the board. As soon as we kicked off I realised i made a big mistake. Dan put a token force (SP artillery I think) on my right facing my Pioneer MGs. He put most of his force opposite my left flank and made for the objective on my left (with only the MGs guarding it). He did three things that really screwed it up for me. First, almost all his force was hidden from me by the large wood on my left. The rest of my force was cut off from this objective by the river. Second, he had got a recon move on me and was already pushing on that objective in his turn 1. Third, he had a spotter plane (AOP) using Column Security. I have never come across this thing before. I couldn’t place my PAK40s covering the objective on the left. All I could do was put them in some distance away behind the river. This meant that on turn 2, Dan was basically pushing on the objective and clearing it. All I could do was try to take out his token push on the left objective with PAKs, and got lucky with an artillery strike on the rear of his tanks – I took out his 1ic!. Other than that by the end of my turn 2 he had pushed back my MG platoon and was sat on the objective with my PAKs more than four inches away from it. Much more! He won the game at the top of turn 3. About 40 minutes and the 2.5 hour game was over. A well executed game for Dan and an object lesson in how to put a good force together AND make use of terrain to win a game. Well done Dan. We spent about an hour or more discussing what I could have done and what kind of force would help. This was really good advice and enjoyable.

END: The day ended and Brian (my game 1 opponent) taking the prize for best score at Flames of War.

Here are the pictures… (all 3 battles in order with turn marker dice)


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