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Saga Warlord Painting Contest – my attempt

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I recently posted up a competition on the site for a painting contest. the aim is to create a Saga wargame “legal” base for a Warlord. Basically, at least a 28mm scale miniature painted and based how you will.

The article is here if you want to have a read…. link.

You can enter by posting here… link.

While I can’t win a prize, you can’t stop me from getting the painting bug and having a go. Its more of a little vignette really. Tell a story in 3D !

I started with a Conquest Games plastic Norman Knight “casualty” figure. I then added a Wargames Factory plastic Anglo-Saxon Thegn. Finally, a bit of green stuff putty to a make a cape and flesh out the Warlords Arms and add strength to his one foot on the ground. To help keep the Warlord in place, he is holding a spear which is glued into the Knight’s belly (!) Each scene tells a story, I guess in this case, the Knights horse got killed by an axe to the neck and trapped him underneath. You can make your own mind up if you think the Warlord killed the horse or he just took advantage of a prone enemy…….

The base is a 2mm mdf 50mmx60mm rectangle, covered in “hard as nails” epoxy type glue to keep the horse and stone (Warlord is standing on a real stone!) in place and add some texture.

Warlord (1) Warlord (7) Warlord (12)


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  1. The Kiwi says:

    Good idea. Should end up looking excellent.

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