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4Ground games – Dark Age homes for Saga

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Unless you have been asleep, you must have noticed the increase in laser cut mdf buildings in the last year. The company  4Ground are no exception. Their products catch the eye, are good on the pocket, and don’t need much finishing or lengthy build times. I found the delivery times to be acceptable (not super fast, but fine).

I recently bought 3 of their buildings to use in the Saga wargame.

Once I took the Anglo-Dane hovel out of its sprues (?) and looked at the excellent sheet of full colour instructions, the thing came together very quickly. Just add PVA and a little time. Get yourself a an old size one brush and off you go… (and yes, i did finish off the roof with a little water and pva glue mix with a larger brush – it works fine and gets the top of the roof sorted – the bit where the grain of the material wants to go upwards over the roof! just add a bit more pva to the water mix and give it a gentle working over down the roof)

Here’s a picture drop of the packing and assembly of the Anglo-dane hovel…



  1. The Kiwi says:

    It’s an excellent product. I can not recommend them enough.

    • Thanks, As you can tell, I was really happy with the product and the end result. I can’t make something that looks that good. The teddy bear fur for the thatch is so simple yet ingenious. It looks great after a brush with watery pva.

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