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Saga Warlord Painting Contest – Finished article

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Well it got there. The basing didn’t take too long. ” A knights last moments…..” An Anglo-Dane Warlord takes it out on a fallen Norman Knight. Now did he kill the horse then the rider or did he take advantage of the situation to get a quick kill?

A couple of areas I struggled with. One, I just can’t get the face right on the Warlord. It either ended up dirty from washes or looking washed out from being too pale especially in the lights for the camera. Well, there’s always next time. The other thing, I didn’t notice till after I took all the pics that the back-end of the spear had finally snapped off despite being glued a couple of times. The plastic spears supplied on the sprue for the Wargames Factory Saxons (a Thegn) really are crap. They may be a scale size but they are too flimsy for use on models. I haven’t even gamed with this base and it has already snapped off! the little axes are almost as bad and some of the swords. Make them thicker guys! I should have used a wire spear, but the weakness was only noticed when it was too far down the line.

What can I say about the piece? The base is 2mm thick MD, 60mm x 50mm coated in “hard as nails” type glue (cartridge type – strong and cheap!) to keep the stone and rider in place and give texture. The models are plastic, the rider being the Conquest Games Norman Knight casualty. The undercoat was Halfords white primer (brilliant stuff). I used Vallejo Game Color paints and Citadel matt spray varnish. The base is 2mm mdf. The marbley stone is a real stone with some green stuff putty on the top. The foliage is a mix of Mininatur 6mm grass tufts (spring and summer) plus Army Painter battlefields meadow flowers. The glossy blood and the little puddle in the corner under the horse legs were created with Woodland scenics Realistic Water.



  1. Argentbadger says:

    That’s really nice. I like the posing and the paint; especially the way you’ve got the blood to look. I have to agree that the face is a little pale but it doesn’t detract from the overall effect.

    • Thanks for the positive feedback. I liked the idea of the piece (the Wounded Knight was just crying out for a death blow), I just find faces hard to do. I may work on it later, but for now, I am moving on to the next project(s)…!

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