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Box Opening – Wargames Factory Ancient German Cavalry

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In my search for a way to create an economical 6 point Saga Strathclyde Welsh army I ordered some 28mm plastic German Cavalry from Wargames Factory. You can see the sprues in the pictures below.

You get 12 cavalry in a packet. The packaging is very minimal but as the sprues have a great little way of being stackable for transit, they don’t rub or crush together. The weapon choice is basically a short spear, slightly thicker than the ones that come in the WF Saxon plastic box sets.

The horses are honestly on the small side but to me they are ideal as ponies. You wouldn’t want to mix them with other manufacturers larger horses. Next to GW horses they look a bit ‘palomino'(!)

The riders all come with bare feet, no shoes. Overall the casts are detailed and clean with not much prep work to do by the looks of it before gluing. You will need to provide a base of some sort.

There is an option for a “standard-bearer” (a horse skull on a stick?) with each set of three riders. Other than that there are 12 rider bodies (legs and torso are one piece), plenty of heads i count 36), 12 spears, 4 swords, a few daggers and 12 shields.

For Saga, the only real issue I see is the fact there are only 6 round shields. The other 6 shields are the “coffin” style ones. Once you get a way round that, you should have the ability to make a very passable Saga Welsh cavalry force (Warriors). You would need four of these packs to make 48 cavalry (6 points of Saga Warriors). You would need one more figure to make the Warlord (a chance to use an armoured metal figure with more character!)

I found these on eBay for less than 15 pounds including delivery. The metal options would set you back quite a bit more!



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