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WFB – Lizardmen Stegadon

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I recently picked up some Warhammer Lizardmen on ebay with a view to getting a 2,000 point fantasy battle force together. Here is the a refurbished old style metal Stegadon with bow. The paint was stripped with Nitro Mors (a not very nice substance that requires ventilation – outside – and gloves!)

Once the old paint and glue had gone I reassembled the creature and its howdah….

stegadon(3) stegadon (1) stegadon (2)

Next up are undercoating and the crew to be based somehow.



  1. Dean says:

    Am I going to have to beat these guys AGAIN!?!?? 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing your new Lizzies army – I really enjoyed playing against them last time (except the bit where you ate my WoC Cavalry unit from behind – that bit was gutting!)

    • Yes, you might see them again. I had thought of a small force but quickly got to 2000 points with only a few purchases. I guess soem GW armies are not as populare as others. Lizardmen have a poor Initiative, but their ‘Cold Blooded’ Leadership rolls… yes please.

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