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Zvezda are not just for World War Two!

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Having looked about for some substitutes for the ever-increasing price of GW fantasy models, I was surprised to find Zvezda also make a 28mm fantasy range in plastic.

I had considered Zvezda as a possible source of Flames of War 15mm equipment and other scale WW2.

However, they also do a wide range of other models including a fantasy range called “Ring of Rule” in 28mm. Various suppliers seem to stock them around the world, although availability and price seem a bit variable.

Here as some examples….

Ring of Rule Siege

Zvezda Ring of Rule Siege

Orc Siege Saurus.

Zvezda Ring of Rule Orcs Siege Saurus

Edit: here’s a link to a Zvezda Siege Tower article… here

I am tempted to try the Saurus – it could be converted. One thing I do find a bit confusing is the scales of this range on different websites. Some say 28mm or 1/60 others list them under 1/72.  That would need checking out before purchase.


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  1. I recently got their necromancers ring of death set and yes their fantasy minis are/were definitely 28mm, I have also seen pics elsewhere comparing the men at arms sets to other minis so yeah they really are 28mm although I hear the orcs are a bit more ogre sized, (which is actually cool if true since they would be cheapest answer to GW’s ogres even at their current ebay collector price). My ring of death came with a supplement to the rules and it appears to have a more interesting rule set than warhammer (more magic users can be used for one thing, I think you may even be able to wast all your points on them, it peaked my interest enough that I plan on getting the rules proper), it isn’t the best translation work in the world but not impossible figure out. Zvezda appears to no longer be producing these figures, however there is a chance that may change (now that WFB is unsupported by GW and Zvezda is making more of a name for itself it could happen) or even just be that they are not sold here in the states or west.

    There was a full list of the minis here (Zvezda, wargames, other):

    if you can order stuff from them tell. Also I heard that MARS (the owners of the site) produce 28mm Teutonic knight,foot knights and men at arms under the misleading label 1/72.

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