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AAR – FoW – Midwar -Brit v German Desert Tank Battle

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Battle – Mike v Dan, 1500 point Dust Up.

Dan: ‘A’ Sqn, 9th Queen’s Royal Lancer’s, 2nd Armoured Brigade, 1st Armoured Division, October 1942 – page 135 of North Africa book. 6 platoons, tanks are CT, recce and artillery are CV.

SHQ: 2 x Crusader MkII CS, 2 x Crusader MKIII

No. 1 Troop: 1x Crusader Mk IICS, 2x Crusader MKIII.

No. 2 Troop: 1x Crusader Mk IICS, 2x Crusader MKIII.

No. 3 Troop: 1x Crusader Mk IICS, 2x Crusader MKIII.

No. 4 Troop: 1x Crusader Mk IICS, 2x Crusader MKIII.

RHA: 8 x 25 pounders

Scout platoon: 3 x Universal Carriers

Mike: PanzerKompanie (15) Armored Company from North Africa book. Rated: CV

1 HQ of 2 x Panzer 3 Ns

Combat platoons 3 x Panzer 3 M’s

Combat platoon 3 x panzer 3 M’s and 1 x P3N

Recon: 2x 222, 1 x 223

Nebelwerfers x 3

AT guns: 2 x PAK40

AA guns: 3 x 2cm unarmored SP

Mission and Setup:

Germans won the roll off and chose one table quarter. Germans deployed PAK40s, Nebs and one platoon of 4 tanks.

Brits responded by putting on their 25 pounder platoon of 8 guns in cover of their hill and two platoons of tanks.


Both sides played cautiously, waiting for reserves. Brits brought on Recon platoon behind the wood facing the German table quarter. Artillery didn’t play a big part in the game.

The Germans rolled up two reserves in Turn 4 but for reasons I can’t recall, did not bring the AA guns on to the table. The second Panzer platoon and the scout cars arrived. The British responded by calling in air support and destroying two of the newly arrived tanks, bailing another one and killing a scout car. This incident seemed to seal the fate of the Germans.

The Brits took advantage and moved forwards to the German positions but still being careful of the PAK40’s. The Germans had little choice but to push a scout car onto the nearby Brit objective and stall the allied attack.

The last panzer platoon pushed forward to support the scout car and a large firefight ensued. Despite destroying a lot of Brit armour, there was not enough Axis firepower left to completely destroy the Brits. The Brit U-Carrier recon force held the objective by dint of them being in cover and Gone to Ground.

Trying hard, the Germans could not shift the Brit recon (killing them bar but the one that counted next to the objective!)  before being forced to retreat to defend their own objective as the Brits swung around from the rear having killed off the Pak40 threat.

A last-ditch effort in defence was to no avail as the Brits pincer closed in to take the Axis objective.

4-3 win to the British.

My first midwar battle and I liked it. It was a close run game and I thought the sides seem well matched. Dan had more tanks, but they were weaker, I had less tanks but with Veteran status to help. My artillery did very little and I would question in a reserves mission whether it really is worth having in the list at all.

With hindsight, and had I realised how weak the British tank armour was, I would probably have put all my tanks and the AA guns in the table and pushed straight for the Brit objectives. Always check out the stats before starting the game!

I am quite liking the ‘Dust-up’ mission. Fun game, thanks Dan.



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