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Saga – 6 points Vikings in progress

The Old Giant

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Here is an update on my Gripping Beast metal Viking models. Not too much left now. Basing will be a wintry theme I think.

I have to be honest and say that I am not really liking the Warrior models (spear and shield armed). The poses were not that great and the size and position of hands varies a lot. One figure ended up losing his arm and having it replaced with green stuff! The hearthguard are 8 models 2 each the same. I have tried to keep them different, but it will teach not  to assume that I will get sent models that I haven’t already got!

Some of the models had more flash than I had first thought and some mould lines that showed up after under coating. Just shows that a good inspection before under coating doesn’t see everything.

The units are:

Warlord, 2 x Hearthguard, 1 x Berserkers, 2 x Warriors, 1 x Levy (bows).


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