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Saga – completed 6 point Normans

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My Norman force was completed recently so here are some pictures…. the models are all Conquest plastics (1 box mounted, 1 box foot) plus a set of shield decals from Battle Flag.

The decals were not as straightforward to apply as I thought they would be. Sliding them in place was tricky and to my disappointment, some of them have picked up marks or creases once in place. Not sure why, but they are not good in close up. I hope this is just a lack of experience on my part.

Mounted Warlord, 3 x Mounted Hearthguard, 1 x Crossbow Warriors, 1 x Warriors (spear/shield), 1 x Levies (bows).



  1. Jason McAuliffe says:

    Where did you get plastic crossbow men from Conquest? All I see on their site are metals.

    • The crossbows were metal ones I bought (on ebay I think) and then glued into the hands as best they would fit.

      • Jason McAuliffe says:

        I was finally able to read your full blog over on Tapestry where you explained the conversions. I was inspired by your work, though, and purchased some resin crossbows from Assault Group and Front Rank. One set I’ll be using for my Normans, the other for my Saga: C&C Crusaders.

      • That’s good to hear – thank you for your feedback.

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