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Quick AAR: Saga – 6 points Clash of Warlords – Normans v Anglo-Danes

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I recently got a game of Saga in with Dave from the North West Gaming Centre. Dave was new to the game but was interested in learning more, I have only played a couple of full games, so it was a bit of a learning exercise. I started taking photo’s but as the tension heightened I forgot to take  pictures of the end of the game. So here is a brief overview.

6 point “Clash of Warlords”.

(Dave) Normans: Warlord (mounted), 3 x Hearthguard (mounted), 1 x Crossbows, 1 x Bow Levy, 1 x Warriors.

(Mike) Anglo-Danes: Warlord (Dane Axe), 5 x Hearthguard, 1 x Hearthguard (Dane Axes).

SagaAAR (4)

Starting positions on a 4×3 layout with random scenery

The game started with the Normans winning deployment and the first turn. Dave split his cavalry into two blocks of 6 and placed his cavalry on his left flank. The rest of his troops lined up for the advance. The Anglo-Danes did the best they could to stop up any outflanking but Dave had the last deployment of his very mobile Knights!

The Normans tried some shooting before deciding to advance. Two turns of shooting killed 4 of the 8 Dane Hearthguard in the centre of the line. The Normans swung in from the left flank. The Anglo-Danes kept getting “Trapped” off on most turns which slowed down the Normans, but without anything else to add, the Norman cavalry took on the Dane Right flank and crushed it. The Danes in the centre could only try to keep back the onslaught of 12 Knights and the Warlord. The Bows and crossbows couldn’t do much more due to the lack of Saga dice and the fatigue building up!

Finally, It came down to a block of Knights and the Norman Warlord taking on the remaining handful of Dane Hearthguard and their Warlord. The Danes used their enemies fatigue as best as possible. It took three final rounds for the Warlords to resolve their fight as bodyguards kept sacrificing themselves. In the end it was the closest of calls but the Normans prevailed (despite losing four Knights in one swoop to soak up excess wounds as the Warlords tried to kill each other). The Dane Warlord had nothing left to offer and he fell under the hooves of his nemesis.

A fun game – rematch…?!


1 Comment

  1. Dave says:

    Nice write up there Mike. I’ve recently ordered the rulebook and some Vikings so I’ll happily take you up on that offer of a rematch.

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