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Saga – building a 6 point Welsh faction

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A few days ago I decided it was time to start on my Gripping Beast metal Saga faction. Its been sat in its little box looking left out for a while now. So I got busy with the Renedra bases, a craft knife and some superglue.

I had a bit of fun with a couple of figures whose arms needed re-posing. They are supposed to be armed with javelins, but the Warlord and one of the hearthguard look like they are swordsmen. I cut off the right arms at the shoulder and tried to find a way to get the arm into a throwing position. For the Warlord, that means building a wire arm. Next job is to cover it with green stuff putty and build one up. I can fasten the hand and javelin at that point…

The process of drilling with a pin vice was laborious for almost all the models. No shields for the Warriors here! I used a mix of soft metal and wire spears to fit in with the drilled hands. A little moving of the arms was done, but on the whole, I haven’t had much joy with re-posing Gripping Beasts metal figures. Metal is not easy for me to work with. I guess these figures from GB are meant more for other wargames, Saga being a bit of an afterthought, as the poses of the figures in this case are just wrong for a number of javelin armed figures.

Here we go: a Warlord, 4 Hearthguard, 4 mounted Hearthguard, 24 Warriors, 12 Levies with bows.


1 Comment

  1. Burkhard says:

    Looking mighty nice!

    I think the reposing will work out in the end!

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