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AAR: 2x FoW: Brit Armour v Russian Armour

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Recently I played against Fraser at the NWGC with some Tank on Tank goodness. Using the Brit 11th Armoured from “Market Garden” I fancied giving them a first taste of action.  Fraser obliged, but instead of bringing German tanks, he brought a 4 platoon Russian tank force. Not all those AT11 / front Armour 7 little T34’s again! Yes…. it was a bad memory from last year returned (see August 2012 AAR post here and September 2012 AAR post here).


Brit 11th Armoured, Confident Veteran.

HQ: 2 x Sherman V with .50 cal MG

3 x Combat platoon: 3 x Sherman V plus firefly

US paras (Fearless Veteran) with bazooka and mortar.

1 x Universal Carrier patrol (3 of) (recon)

1 small unit of Brit Pioneer rifles.

Soviets: (Gvardeyskiy Tankovy Batalon – Red Army)

HQ – 1 x T35/85 obr 1943

Tank platoon 1 (10 x T34/85) obr1943

Tank platoon 2 (as 1)

Tank platoon 3 (4 x SU-100)

Recon platoon (3 armoured cars – BA64)

Game 1:

The mission was Hasty Attack. Fraser got to Attack, and wasted no time in putting both his large tank platoons on the table opposite each objective. His heavy tanks and recon BA64’s were in reserve. I put three of platoons sown, with the rest in scattered reserve. Not a good mission for me. The US paras defended in the central wheat field backed up by the 1iC and a platoon of Sherman’s with a firefly. The other tank platoon stood alone outnumbered.

The game rolled on pretty fast. The Ruskies moved in to get close enough to make shooting feasible. The shermans failed to do much to them, bailing not killing enough to force a platoon morale check. After that, the T34’s opened fire and took out the Brit tanks in pretty short order. The fearless US paras could not hold the position as the Soviet recce platoon removed gone to ground and after a shooting spree, the para’s were mauled in assault.

Some pretty bad dice rolling hampered by delayed and useless Brit reserves.. A good solid victory for the Russians, 6-1.


The first game rolled along quickly so we rolled for another mission and swapped armies for Game two….

Game 2:

The mission was Dust Up. Being a less experienced Attacker, maybe I was cautious. I placed my tanks between the two objectives then headed out with 21 tanks to try to win the game with same confidence that Fraser seems to have. Fraser seemed happy to keep the defences in place in his quarter. Probably a good move, with two tank platoons and the US paras covering the village and the objectives.

I moved up keeping out of the LoS of the Sherman’s. Fraser moved one of his platoons behind a building, trying to keep his tanks safe I guess. When my reserves turned up opposite his deployment area my SUs had a nice line onto those Sherman’s…. some damage was done (as per the smoke markers!)

The other Sherman platoon retreated across the wood it was in to keep away from harm. At this point I forgot I think that I had only 4 platoons to play with.
My final recce platoon came on close to the enemy deployment zone but this left nothing defending my objective back in the other corner from all the action. I tried to get the 1iC back across to the centre of the table, but not before Fraser brought on a tank platoon and doubled it close to one of his objectives. Two turns and he would win the game. My 1iC couldn’t even damage a recon carrier that came on from Brit reserve!

I tried to get onto Brit objective, ignoring the damage from the Sherman’s in the wood, but with only an eight 8 inch move out of the corn field, I couldn’t make it to 4 inches from my objective before Fraser took the win with his 3rd sherman platoon. It was silly of me to forget to put something in defence. Just putting the SU-100’s in that corner would have made him think about it and probably give me the win first.

I don’t think I killed off any enemy platoon enough so believe this was another 6-1 to Fraser. The SU-100’s just can’t do anything until 16 inches away and not moving (or so it seemed). I would drop these instantly if it were my list in favour of some infantry I think.



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